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Q: How are modern numbers like the Egyptian numbers?
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What is 49-0 in Egyptian numbers?

49-0 in egyptian numbers = 49

How do you say night in Egyptian?

There is no such modern language as "Egyptian".

How do you say valerie in Egyptian?

There is no such modern language as "Egyptian".

When was the Egyptian numbers invented?

7003 yrs ago thats when the egyptian numbers were invented

What are Egyptian foods?

i think egyptian foods are kofta, marshy, koshary, fool but their are people in Egypt that don't eat the kind of stuff like the modern people

What are the Egyptian numbers?

Arabic numbers ٠١٢٣٤٥٦٧٨٩ 0123456789

How does ancient Egyptian music differ from modern Egyptian music?

how did ancient Egyptian life differ from ours

How are Egyptian government officials like modern day American officials?

because they both made laws and yeah ;)

Who invented the Egyptians numbers?

an egyptian

What role to the pyramids play in modern Egyptian culture?

they don't really play a role because they don't exist in modern Egyptian culture.

What is a traditional dress in the Egyptian culture?

Modern Egypt has similarities to general Arabic traditional dresses. Ancient Egyptian was different as they wore great almost cobra like head dresses.

What is modern day society in Egyptian?