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The line of reflection is the perpendicular bisector of any point and its image.

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Q: How are points and their images related to the line of reflection?
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How can you find the line of reflection if you know the images of some points?

Draw a line joining a point and its image and find its midpoint. Repeat for another pair of point and its image. The line joining these midpoints is the line of reflection.

What is your reflection on Cartesian coordinate system?

The reflection of a shape is defined with respect to some specified line. None is specified. If one were specified, the reflection of an object would be the set of points such that the line was exactly half-way between each point in the original shape and its reflection.

Which transformation moves points perpendicularly across a specified line a distance equal to its original distance from the specified line?


How do you determine the coordinates of a point after a reflection in the x-axis?

The points after reflection will follow points equal but different direction, to the path followed before the reflection. So, if the line would cover 3.5 on the x and 5 on the y; it will reflect symmetrically giving you the formula to get your answer.

What is the line that divides a figure into two matching parts?

It is a line of symmetry.

What is a reflection in geometry?

Reflection of an object is the flip of that subject on a particular line, that is called line of reflection.

How are the data points related to one another on a line graph?

line graph rock

A line is related to a surface as a point to a?

Line a surface is made up of lines...a line is made up of points. :)

How is a line of reflection like a line of symmetry?

A line of reflection and a line of symmetry both show the reverse of an image.

What is the line of reflection in symmetry?

The line of reflection in symmetry is the imaginary line that travels down the line of symmetry. For example, in a square, the line of reflection would be the line down the center of the square, and the line down the diagonal of the square.

How does a line of symmetry and line of reflection compare?

A line of symmetry is usually within the object whereas a line of reflection need not be.

What type of graph would be best for data points?

A scatter plot would be best for non-related data points. A line graph would be best for related data points.