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Q: How are prisms and cylinders alike?
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How are prisms and cylinders alike and different?

Prisms have polygonal cross sections and several rectangular lateral faces. Cylinders have circular cross sections and one curved lateral face.

The difference between cylinders and prisms is that cylinders have 2 bases whereas the bases of prisms are?

... whereas one of the "bases" of prisms are vertices.

How are prisms and cylinders different?

Prisms have polygons as bases whereas cylinders have circles as bases. In a way, a cylinder is like a circular prism.

How are rectangular prisms are alike?

They are all rectangular prisms!

How is a cylinders and prisms are different?

they arent

How are cylinders and rectangular prisms similar?

Cylinders are circles pulled out into the third dimension and rectangular prisms are rectangles pulled into the third dimension.

Why are prisms and cylinders alike?

Alike: Both Cylinder and Prism have the same corresponding Top and Bottom. This is the definition. A Cylinder can be considered as a prism with infinite no. of sides. Different: The side walls of any Prism are flat but that of a cylinder is curved.

Which can be used as prism?

Cylinders and cuboids are types of prisms.

What solid figures that have no vertices?

Spheres, cylinders and sometimes prisms

How are pyramids and cones different than prisms and cylinders?

They depend on radius rather than perimeter.

How are all prisms alike?

They are all pointy on the top.

What kinds of 3d shapes are there?

There is prisms and pyramids. There are also spheres and cylinders