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Q: How are pyramids and triangular prisms the same?
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How are triangular prisms and pyramids alike?

They both have a triangular shape

Who invented the triangular prism?

The egyptians.their pyramids where formed as triangular prisms.

What are the differences of rectangular prisms and square pyramids?

One difference is square pyramids have 4 triangular faces while rectangular prisms have none!

Objects that have a triangle shape?

Triangles, pyramids, and prisms can all have triangular shapes.

What are facts about the difference between a pyramid and a triangular prism?

Pyramids only have square bases.Triangular prisms have triangle bases.Pyramids have triangle "faces".Triangular prisms have rectangular "faces".

What shape has 5 faces what are made of rectangles and triangles?

Triangular prisms and Rectangular pyramids

How are triangular prisms and rectangularpyramids the same?

They are NOT the same.

3d shapes what shape has some triangular faces?

they are: ---sided pyramids and triangular prisms and 20 sided 3d shapes

Which polyhedrons have the samenumber of faces?

Triangular prisms and square-based pyramids have 5 faces. Trapezoid prisms and cubes have 6 faces. Hexagonal prisms and octahedrons have 8 faces.

Which shape has 2 more faces than a triangular prism?

A triangular prism has 5 faces. Pentagonal prisms and hexagonal pyramids have 7.

What has a base that is a triangle?

the triforce All triangular pyramids, also called tetrahedrons, have a triangular base. All triangular antiprisms, also called octahedrons, have a triangular base. All triangular prisms have a triangular base.

Could a hexagontal prism and a triangular prism tessellate?

Yes, if the hexagons were regular and if the triangular prisms could be combined to the same shape as the hexagonal prisms.