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Both trapezoids and rectangles are quadrilaterals.

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Q: How are rectangles and trapezoids alike?
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Are all rectangles trapezoids?

NO rectangles are trapezoids

Are some trapezoids rectangles?

True. All rectangles are trapezoids. (In England a trapezoid is known as a trapezium.)

How are trapezoids and rectangles same?

trapezoids and rectangles, are both quadrilateral (which means shapes with 4 sides). rectangles and trapezoids are also polygons.

How are rectangles and trapezoids similar?

how are trapezoids and rectangles

What quadrilaterals are not trapezoids?

squares and rectangles

What are quadrilaterals that aren't rectangles?

Squares, parallelograms, rhombuses, and trapezoids are quadrilaterals that are not rectangles.

What DON'T rectangles and trapezoids have in common?

Trapezoids have only two sides parallel; rectangles have all four opposing sides parallel. Also, rectangles have 4 right angles, which is more than a trapezoid can have.

What has parallel sides?

Parallelograms, squares, trapezoids and rectangles

How are squares rectangles parallelogram and trapezoids are different?

they are not congruent

Are trapezoids retangles?

No, trapezoids are not rectangles. While both shapes have four sides, rectangles have opposite sides that are equal in length and all interior angles are right angles, whereas trapezoids have only one pair of opposite sides that are parallel.

What polygon has congruent diagonals?

Isosceles trapezoids, squares, and rectangles.

How are rectangles and trapezoids diffrent?

a trapezoid has one set of par