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They both r logs

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Q: How are rotting logs similar to burning logs?
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What is rotting logs?

Its a part of a tree that is dead and rotting away.

Are puffbals alive?

Yes they are! They grow and eat rotting logs...

What animals or insects can be found in rotting logs and garden?

earth worms,catapiller

Do flying squirrels live in trees?

Yes, they do. They also live in rotting logs.

Is burning logs in a fireplace a physical change or a chemical change?

Burning logs in a fireplace is a chemical change. The wood undergoes combustion, which involves a chemical reaction where the wood reacts with oxygen to produce heat, light, and new substances like ash and smoke.

Will maggots eat poisonous mushrooms?

yes a maggot eats rotting logs.

What does blue morpho butterflies eats?

Rotting dead logs, flowers, leaves, sap, and juices.

Is logs burning a reversible or a irreversible change?


Can you use regular reptile bedding for rough earth snakes?

You need to provide a similar substrate to that of their natural environment. In the wild, they spend most of their time buried in leaf litter, loose soil, or beneath rotting logs.

What is an andiron?

An andiron is a horizontal iron bar upon which logs are laid for burning in an open fireplace. They are used to elevate the logs from the floor of the fireplace to improve air circulation for better burning. Andirons also help prevent logs from rolling out of the fireplace.

What substances can be broken down by decomposers?

Rotting wood (logs), fecal matter, dead plants, dead animals, etc.

How much xp does burning oaks logs give?

37 exp