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They are positive integers, evenly divisible only by themselves and one.

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Q: How are seven and eleven prime numbers?
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Related questions

What are prime numbers between 5 and 13?

Seven and eleven.

What is the prime numbers of eleven?

11 is a prime number.

What is the LCD of two three five seven and eleven?

Because these are all prime numbers, the LCD will be 1. It'll also be the GCF.

What equals 11 by multiply?

Only one and eleven. Eleven is a prime number. Prime numbers are divisible by one and themselves only.

What numbers rhyme with eleven?

* Seven

What numbers rhyme?

seven, eleven

How many prime numbers are in the seven times tables?

number of prime numbers which are in the seven times tables: 1 prime numbers are in the seven times tables: 7 only

What are four prime numbers between two and twenty-one?

Two, Three, Five, Seven, Eleven, Thirteen.... A prime number is just a number that's only divisible by itself and one

Is seven a prime number?

Yes seven is a prime number and the only numbers that will go in to seven is one and seven.

Is the number eleven prime?

Yes. Examples of prime numbers are: 3, 5, 7, 11, 13. Prime Numbers are defined as being divisible only by themselves and 1.

What are the factors for eleven?

the factors of 11 are 1, and 11 (whole numbers) it is a prime number

How do you find out what is the smallest number with eleven factors?

Prime numbers, raised to a power, have one more factor than their exponents. The smallest prime number is 2. 210 has eleven factors. 210 = 1024

What is the smallest number that has two three five seven and eleven as its prime factors?


What prime numbers are less than seven?

2, 3 and 5 are prime numbers that are less than 7

How do you write 11.7 million in number form?

Eleven million seven hundred thousand or you could say "Eleven point seven million"Another Answer:-As numbers: 11,700,000 which is 1.17*107 in scientific notation

Is 5 and 7 and 11 and 13 and 17 and 19 and and 23 prime numbers?

Yes, the seven numbers mentioned in the question are all prime numbers.

Can eleven over three be simplified?

No because 11 and 3 are both odd numbers and are also prime.

How do you find a number with exactly eleven factors?

Any prime number to the power 12...or 10, if you allow 1 and the number itself. There are probably others, but those are the most obvious ones. So 2^12=4096 would probably be the smallest. Also try the product of any 11 different prime numbers, Or, say, 1,2,4,8 and seven different prime numbers etc.

What are the factors of 175 that are prime numbers?

Five and seven.

Are the number seven and 2two prime numbers?


What are the proper factors of the number seven?

7 is prime. Prime numbers don't have proper factors.

What are the prime numbers out of one six eleven sixteen twenty one twenty six thirty one thirty six?

The prime numbers are 1, 11, and 31 because only one and itself can be multiplied into each of them.

The prime numbers less then 7?

The list of prime numbers less than or equal to seven:2, 3, 5, 7

What are the two prime numbers with a sum of seven?

5 and 7

What Prime numbers 0-1000 divisible by seven?