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we use triangles in our everyday life.while constructing buildings,different chain modals,cookery items,etc. are some examples of triangles that we use in our everyday life.

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If you go on the computer everyday, then you can see a lot of acute triangles like in advertisements

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Q: How are similar triangles used in everyday life?
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How are congruent triangles used in everyday life?


What is the term used for the Triangles whose corresponding angles are equal?

They are similar triangles.

How do the ratios of side lenghts compare for triangles that are not similar?

There are no ratios that can be used for triangles that are not similar.

What are uses of similar triangles in daily life?

Similar triangles can be used in many situations in which angles of two differently-sized triangles are the same. Optics, scale modeling,trigonometry, surveying, astronomy, and many, many other applications of mathematics rely on the concept of similarity.

Can Similar triangles improve your solving problem skills?

No, only your brain can. Similar triangles can be used to solve some problems but not others but it is for you to work out - using your brain - whether or not similar triangles are relevant and then to figure out how they might be used.

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How triangles used in daily life?

Aren't triangles structurally strong? So they are used in bridges and architechture.

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What is Pythagoras therome used for in everyday life?

The Pythagorean theorem is commonly used in everyday life for various applications such as construction, architecture, and design. It helps in calculating distances, dimensions, and angles in right-angled triangles. For example, it can be used to determine the length of a ladder needed to reach a certain height or to calculate the diagonal distance of a square-shaped object.

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