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The term SUM means add and DIFFERRENCE means subtract. They are opposites.

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Q: How are sum and difference related?
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Related questions

What is the sum and the difference of 45.78 and13.76?

the sum is 59.54 and the difference is 32.02.

AS 675 is related to 929 in the same way 123 is related to what?

675:929::123:___ SOLUTION : Sum Of Digits in 675 is 6+7+5 = 18 Sum Of Digits in 929 is 9+2+9 = 20 Therefore, difference between them is 2 Sum Of Digits in 123 is 1+2+3 = 6 and sum of digits in 242 is 2+4+2 is 8 Therefore, difference is same So, the answer is 242

Is sum and difference the same?

No. The sum is the answer to an addition problem. The difference is the answer to a subtraction problem.

What do it mean do find a sum or difference in fraction?

The sum is the answer for adding and the difference is the answer for subtracting...

What is the difference between sum and difference?

sum is addition difference is subtraction

The sum of 18 and 15 the difference of 18 and 15. What is the quotient of the sum and the difference?


What is a antonym for the word sum?

difference: The sum of 5 and 3 is 8. The difference is 2.

Which two numbers have a difference of 2 and sum of 14?

8 and 6 have a difference of 2 and a sum of 14.

What is the opposite of a sum?

the opposite of a sum is the difference

What is 46.78-18.55 and estimate each sum or difference?

46.78-18.55 and estimate each sum or difference = 28.23

What two numbers have the sum of 16 and the difference of 14?

15 + 1 = 16 sum 15 - 1 = 14 difference

What is distributive property of multiplication?

The distributive property of multiplication lets you simplify expressions wherein you multiply a number by a sum or difference. According to this property, the product of a sum or difference of a number is equal to the sum or difference of the products.

What is the opposite of sum in math?

Difference. A sum is the result of adding two numbers, and a difference is the result of subtracting two numbers.

What is the difference between logical sum and arithmetic sum?


What is the difference between sum assured and sum insured?

No difference. Some companies use each word interchangeably.

What is the definition of difference in math?

The difference, in a subtraction sum, is the answer to the sum. For example, the difference between 6 and 4 is equal to 2. 6 - 4 = 2.

What is produced when multiplied the sum and difference?

Difference of squares. :)

How do estimate each sum or difference?

Sum is the result of an addition problem, while difference is the result of a subtraction problem. Addend Subtractend + Addend - Subtractor Sum Difference

What methods can you use to solve for the sum or difference of integers?

To find the sum of integers, you use addition.To find the difference, you use subtraction.

What is the sum and the difference of the smallest and largest two digit count numbers?

Sum = 109 Difference = 89

What the sum product difference and quotient of 12 and 4?

Sum: 16 Product: 48 Difference: 8 Quotient: 3

What two numbers have a sum of 4 and a difference of 9?

Two numbers with a sum of 4 and a difference of 9 are -6.5 and 2.5.

How can an estimated sum or difference be useful?

it can help you determine whether toy made an error in calculating an exact sum or difference.

What is sum and difference for 3 and 2?

3 + 2 = 5. (sum) 3 - 2 = 1. (difference)

What is pair of numbers whose sum is 3 and whose difference is 1?

2 and 1 .their sum is 3 .difference is 1