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This is known as "staircase wiring". It uses two two-way switches. A two-way switch has one common terminal and two alternate switching terminals. Say C1 being common, A1 and B1 are alternate terminals. second two-way switch has C2 common terminal and A2, B2 alternate terminals. Connect the live phase wire to C1. Wire up A1 to A2 and B1 to B2. Connect a load (say a lamp) to C2 and the other end of the lamp to neutral. The wiring is complete and now the lamp can be controlled by these two switches.

s for USA, Canada and countries using similar 60Hz mains suppliesIf this is a standard 120V light fixture controlled by two light switches, for more information, including a wiring diagram, see the Related link shown below.


If, and ONLY if, there is an on/off switch for a 120 Volt lighting fixture installed onto a wall box containing wires, it is possible that the Red and Black wires in this situation are:

a) the "hot" feed wire coming from the mains breaker panel to the switch and

b) the "switched hot" wire going to the lighting fixture.



Only someone who knows how to use a test lamp or voltmeter safely will be able to confirm if the Red wire in the wall box is a) and the Black wire is b), or if they are actually wired the other way round, meaning the Black wire in the wall box is a) and the Red wire is b).


A Red wire can be the first "Hot Leg" of a 240 volt supply. It could also be one of a pair of hot wires connecting two switches controlling one or more 120V lighting fixtures.

A Black wire can be the second "Hot Leg" of a 240 volt supply or the "Hot" wire of a 120 Volt supply. It could also be one of a pair of hot wires connecting two switches controlling one or more 120V lighting fixtures.

A White wire is normally the "Neutral" wire. It is common to both hot legs on a 240 Volt supply.

A Green wire (or bare wire with no insulation) is normally the local "Ground "wire.


As always, if you are in doubt about what to do, the best advice anyone should give you is to call a licensed electrician to advise what work is needed.

Before you do any work yourself,

on electrical circuits, equipment or appliances,

always use a test meter to ensure the circuit is, in fact, de-energized.




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Q: How are the wires connected to the switches where there are two switches that can operate a single light?
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What will happen if the two switches connected to light up a single bulb are on?

It is dependant on whether the switches are in wired in a parallel or series configuration. If the switches are wires in parallel then both switches would have to be off to turn the light bulb off. Either switch could turn the light bulb on. If the switches are wired in series then both switches would have to be on to turn the light bulb on. Either switch could turn the light bulb off.

You have three 3-way switches operating 3 ceiling lights you want each switch to operate each single light What do you do?

wire each switch to each light...

Suppose you have a single light that can be turned on and off by 2 separate switches if you flick both switches at exactly the same time what will happen?

The single light will not come on. The traveler legs from the two switches will have to be opened simultaneously if they are not then you will get a flick of light.

How many 4 way switches could you put on a single light fixture?

If you are talking about intermediate switches, the switches that are in the middle of the three way (UK two way) circuit, then you can add as many as your project needs. These type of switches must be in the middle, as if installed on the end, the different position switching will not operate.

How does a flashing indicator operate?

There is a relay switch in the circuit which switches the light on &amp; off when you activate the turn signal.

Can a single pole switch be used to control one light between two single pole switches?


Can you connect one single light switch to another single light switch to control the same light on or off.?

Yes you can. There are three ways of doing this. Two are incorrect and one is the correct way of doing it.The two switches can be paralleled together to make the light fixture respond. Both of the two switches will always have to be in the on position. Either switch will turn the light off but the second switch will not turn the light on. Very inconvenient when you enter a room through one door and leave by another.The two switches can be wired in series. Both switches have to be on to operate the light but again if one of either switch is left in the off position the other switch will not operate the light fixture. Very inconvenient when you enter a room through one door and leave by another.The correct way of wiring two switches to control a central light fixture is with a three way switching system (two way in the UK). The two positions have to have special three way switches in each position. These types of switches sort out the problems of leaving a switch in a certain position to operate properly. The only criteria is that there be a three conductor cable joining the two three way switch boxes together.See related links below.

Where can you purchase light switches online?

Light switches can be purchased from SparkyDirect, they have a huge range of light switches other websites offering light switches are HomeBase, argos and ebay.

How to wire single switch to operate 2 lights?

The short answer is to wire it the same way you would to operate 1 light. The second light is simply put "in parallel" with the first light.

Does a double-pole switch control lights from two locations?

No. A double pole switch would be a switch that switches 2 different loads simultaneously. 3-way switches (and 4-way switches if more than 2 are used) are what are used for controlling a light from multiple locations. While a typical single pole switch simply opens or closes a single contact, a 3-way switch provides a path from a contact point to, let's say, point A or point B. Points A and B from the first 3-way switch are connected to points A and B of the second 3-way switch and then the common contact point of the second switch is connected to your light. When more than 2 switches are desired, you can use any number of 4-way switches between the 3-way switches, but the 3-way switches MUST be on the ends of the circuit.

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