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How big is 36in by 24in?

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In square feet it is 3ft times 2ft = 6 square feet

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30cm=12in 60cm =24in 90cm=36in 10cm=4in There are 200in in 50 metre.

24" * 36" * 18" = 0.6096m * 0.9144m * 0.4572m = 0.255 metres3

Neither, they are both the same. 3ft = 36in

1ft=12in 2ft=?A cross multiply 2*12/1*A=24in/1 which is 24in 2ft=24in

24 inches = 2 feet

You find the sum of the lengths of each side. 36in 1ft 36in 1ft =

1yd = 36in 43in x 1yd/36in = 1.2yd

1yd = 36in 42yd x 36in/yd = 1512in

1 yard = 36in 17.5yd x 36in/yd = 630in

36in is length and cubic feet is volume.. so you cannot convert it, but 36in is 3ft

101 inches!! > WHY? > because 1ft = 12 in, so 2ft = 24in (2 x 12), 3ft = 36in (3 x 12)... and 8ft = 96in (8 x 12), then plus 5 more inches > it's 101 inches!!

Not necessarily. For instance If you take two rectangles whose area's are 36in squared. One could be 6 by 6 while the other could be 9 by 4. Thus ones Perimeter would be 24in with the others would be 26in.

100 exactly ! Each tile is 4 square feet !

i believe it is about 36in

36 inches = 0.9144 metres.

This is the exact same answer as the area of a 10in x 24in rectangle. Essentially, you are multiplying the base and height of a rectangle to get its area, too.

no there is 24in in 2ft

yes, the Glass Eiffel Tower Wedding Centerpiece Vases 24in come in other sizes

24 inches is equal to 2 feet

not unless the body has been lifted


Height ranges between 55-60cm [20-24in]

If the diameter is 24 inches, the circumference is 75.4 inches.

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