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Pretty big, like the size of a Basketball times two

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Q: How big is a 3 centimeter ball?
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How big is a 7 centimeter ovarian cyst?

A 7 centimeter cyst is roughly the size of a ping-pong ball.

What is the circumference of a 55 centimeter ball?

The circumference of a 55 centimeter ball is: 172.8 cm(c = d x Pi)

How big are smarties?

about a centimeter.

How big is a 3 millimeter ball?

Three millimeters.

What is 10 percent of 3 square centimeter?

10 percent of 3 square centimeter is 0.3 square centimeter.

How big is a 10 centimeter cyst?

It is 4 inches big?

How big is a baseball ball?

A baseball ball is approximately 3 inches in diameter and 9 centimeters.

How big does a ball python grow?

ball pythons can grow to be 3 to 9 feet long.

How big is 2.3 centimeter?

0.91 inches.

How big is a milimeter?

there are 10 millameters in a centimeter

How big are mosquitoes?

usually about 1 centimeter

How big is 0.75 of a centimeter?

7.5 millimeters

How big is a 6 centimeter circle?


Is a millimeter as big as a centimeter?

No, 1mm = 0.1cm

How big is a baby Insect?

about a centimeter long

Abbreviate cubic centimeter and abbreviate centimeter?

cubic centimeter is abbreviated as or otherwise cm^3 (cm. raised to the power of 3) and centimeter as simply cm.

How big is 3.6 centimeter cyst?

How big is a 3.6 cm cysts

How big is a 1 centimeter cyst?

I centimeter is 0.40 inches. Less than half of an inch.

How many kilometers are in one centimeter?

Kilometers are almost as big as miles one centimeter is as long as a fingernail

How big is a stick insects baby?

about a centimeter long

How big is a tumor that is 25 centimeter?

25 centimeters.

How big is 1000 meters?

== 1meter== 100 centimeter ==

How big is a 6 centimeter tumor?

6 centimeters

How big is one centimeter in inches?

1cm = .3937in

How big do plankton get?

They can get up to 1/2 a centimeter.