How big is a km?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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1000 meters or 0.621371192 miles

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Q: How big is a km?
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How many km is the sun big?

The sun is about 15,000 km big

How big is the star altair in km?

it is 400,000,000 km

How big is the Atlantic region?

about 600 km by 750 km

How big is 5 km?

5 km is 3.11 miles.

How big is Chad in sq km?

1,284,000 sq km.

How big is Argentina in sq km?

2 780 400 Km

Why Mars is as big planet earth?

it is not mars is 6794.4 km in diameter where as earth is 12,756.28 km nearly twice as big

How big is France in sq km?

248,573 sq miles (643,801 km²)

How big was the earthquake in Australia?

really big :)It was 195 km ;)

Who big is Europe?

10,180,000 km²

How big is Rajasthan?

342,239 km²

How big is Tower?

about 19 km