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36 inches exactly

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1 yard = 36 inches.

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Q: How big is a yard stick in inches?
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Related questions

How many inches are in one yard stick?

There are 36 inches in 1 yard

How many inches does a yard stick have?

There are 36 inches in one yard

How many inches are in 1 yard stick?

There are 36 inches in a yard

Is a meter stick the same as a yard stick?

A meter stick is about three inches longer than a yard stick.

How many inches is 1 yard?

36 inches = 1 yard( you know a yard stick)There are 36 inches in one yard.

How many inches on a yard stick?

36 inches

Is a yard stick the length of a baseball bat?

A yard stick exceeds the length of a baseball bat. A yard stick is 36 inches (3ft), and a baseball bat can get up to 34 inches, but, if specially ordered, it can be bigger.

How does a yard stick compare ti a meter stick?

A yard stick is shorter than a meter stick by 3.37 inches (8.56 centimeters).

Yard stick equals how many inches?

36 inches

What is an object that is 36 sq inches?

yard stick = 36 inches or 3 feet or 1 yard

Is yard stick shorter than a meter stick?

No, a yard stick is about 0.2 inches (85.6 mm) shorter than a meter stick. Hope these helped!

What are some appropiation's for a length of a yard stick?

3 feet. 36 inches. A yard stick is a little smalleer than a meter stick.

How many inches in a yard stick?

There are 12 inches in each foot and there are 3 feet in each yard, so every yard contains 36 inches.

How many inches and centimeters are on a yard stick?

36 inches, and 100 cm

What is the difference between a yard stick and a meter stick?

.094 yards or .0856 meters ------------- A yard is 36 inches; a meter is 39.4 inches.

How long is a yard stick?

A yard is three feet long which is the equivalent of 36 inches.

What is about 1 yard long?

3 feet (36 inches) and the size of a yard stick

How many inches are in 75 percent of a yard?

You have to know how big is the yard

What is 24 percent of a yardstick?

A yard stick being 36 inches, 24% is 8.64 inches

How big is 3 meters?

3 times longer than 1 meter. 1 meter is almost the same length of a Yard stick. 1 meter = ~37.5 inches 1 Yard = 36 inches

How big is 45 inches?

45 inches would be 1 yard and 9 inches.

How much is 6.2992125984 inches show in a yard stick?

1 yard = 36 inchesThen 6,2992125984 inches equals 0,1749781 yard.

What is a yard stick and what does it measures?

a yard stick is a stick the length of a yard and it measures yards

How big is a yard?

A yard is 36 inches long, or 3 feet, or about nine tenths of a metre.

How much yards are in a yard stick?

one yard is in a yard stick

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