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7 ft in diameter

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Q: How big is the circle for shot put?
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How big is a shot put circle?

7 feet in diameter

What is the diameter of the shot put circle?

7 feet

What is the diameter of the shot put throwing area?

7ft 4in.Beware, discus circle is larger

What are some health and safety rules for the shot put?

There are no specific health and safety rules for the shot put, except that when someone is attempting the put, no one can stand in front of the circle, because that puts them in danger

What is the diameter of a shot put circle?

7 feet in international competition. Sometimes the circle may only be 6 feet though.

Why was Big L shot?

i think he was shot because he was mistaken for his older brother Big Lee, the people who mistaked him were the people who originally put Big Lee in jail.

What are the rules of shot put?

A legal put shall be made from the shoulder, with one hand only, so that during the attempt, the shot does not drop behind or below the shoulder. A competitor must start from a stationary position inside the circle. It is a foul if the competitor: 1) After stepping into the circle, fails to pause before starting the put 2) After stepping into the circle, touches the circle, not including the inner face of the stopboard or band if one is used, or the ground outside the circle. 3) Puts the shot so it does not fall within the sector lines if used 4) After the shot has landed, does not exit through the back half of the circle

How heavy is the shot put for boys in middle school?

too big for you

How big is a shot put ball?

there are two and both stand beside a javelin

Do you measure where the shot put falls or rolls?

You measure where it falls. The rules say at point of shot's impact in the pit; use impact mark nearest throwing circle.

What is the game of shot put?

You put the shot put.... The longer your shot is, the better you are

What are the fouls in shot put?

A foul occurs when the putter: Doesn't pause in the circle before begining to throw Doesn't begin the throw within a minute of his/her name being called Drops the shot below his/her shoulder during the put Touches the top or ends of the stopboard; the top of the iron ring; or anywhere outside the circle with any part of the body during the throw Throws a shot that falls outside the throwing sector or touches a sector line when it first hits the ground Leaves circle before shot lands Does not exit from rear half of circle

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