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Roughly 12 square yards.

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Q: How big of an area will 1 ton of dirt cover 3 inches thick?
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At two inches thick how much area will 60 tons of dirt cover?

It will cover 174 square feet of area.Hope this helps

How many square feet will a yard of dirt cover at 8 inches thick?

One "yard" of dirt (meaning one cubic yard) contains 46,656 cubic inches. Spread 8 inches thick this will cover 5832 square inches or 40.5 square feet.

How big of an area will 1 ton of dirt cover?

it rather depends on how thick a layer you put down.

The area I am looking to cover is 35 feet long and 7 feet wide. Another area is 10 feet long by 8 feet wide. So how much soil should I buy?

That would depend on how deep you want the dirt to be... to cover an area that size with dirt just one inch'll probably need around 20 multiply by 20 tons however many inches thick you'll need it

How much surface does a yard of dirt cover that is 2 inches thick?

It will cover 324 sq/ft or 36 sq/yrd at 1" thick It will cover 162 sq/ft or 18 sq/yds at 2" thick It will cover 108 sq/ft or 12 sq/yds at 3" thick It will cover 81 sq/ft or 9 sq/yds at 4" thick.

How many feet will a yard of dirt cover 2 inches thick?

a yard of dirt is 27cubic feet 2" is 1/6' 27cubic ft / 1/6' = 162 square ft unless you meant 2" wide and 2" thick for 972 feet

How much dirt is needed to cover a 10 foot by 150 foot area 12 inches deep?

You will need 1500 cubic feet.

How much dirt is required to cover a 15x20 foot section of ground with about 2 inches of coverage?

About two yards. One yard of dirt is 36 inches on a side, or 46,656 cubic inches. 15x20 foot by 2 inches is 86,400 cubic inches.

How much area does 1 cubic yard of dirt cover?

The answer will depend on the depth to which the dirt is spread.

Will 6 yards of dirt cover 70 square feet of land?

6 cubic yards of dirt will cover 70 sq ft ... 2 ft 3 3/4 inches deep

How much dirt is required to cover 1 acre 6 inches deep?

806.66 Cubic Yards

How many Yards of dirt do you need to cover 225 square Feet one inch thick?

0.69444 cubic yard (rounded)