How bigger is 12 mm smaller than 1 cm?

Updated: 12/8/2022
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1cm = 10mm

So 12mm is greater than 1cm.

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Q: How bigger is 12 mm smaller than 1 cm?
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Is 12 mm bigger or smaller than 1 cm?


Is m bigger or less than cm?

A centimeter (cm) is smaller than a meter (m), so m is bigger than cm.

Is 5.0324 cm bigger than 5.17 cm?

No, it is smaller.

Is 1m bigger or smaller than 650cm?

6.5m = 650 cm, which is bigger than 1m..

56 cm 56000 km witch is bigger?

56 cm is smaller than 56000 km.

Is 145 cm bigger than 1.5?

The answer will depend on 1.5 what! 145 cm is a lot bigger than 1.5 micrometres but it is a lot smaller than 1.5 kilometres.

Is 8 cm bigger smaller or equal to 1 m?

1 m = 100 cm8 cm is 92 cm smaller than 1m

Is 7 cm bigger or smaller than 698 mm?

7 cm is much smaller than 698 mm 698 mm = 69.8 cm whereas 7 cm = 70mm

Is 5.12 m bigger or smaller than 512 cm?

They are the same

Is four inches bigger or smaller than ten centimeters?

4 inch = 10.16 cm So 4 inch is slightly bigger than 10 cm

Is 32cm bigger or smaller than 6 meters?

Much smaller. Six meters is 600 cm

Is 23 cm bigger than 1 foot?

No, 23 cm is smaller than 1 foot, because 1 foot is about 30 cm