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two 20 dollar bills and one 5 dollar bill; two dimes and one penny

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20 + 20 + 5 + 0.20 + 0.20 + 0.01

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Q: How can 45.21 be made using only 3 bills and 3 coins?
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What types of bills and coins are no longer made?

There are some coins call half a crown and a ha penny they were made in britain in the 1900s

What bills made out of?

It's made out of paper, and writing, with a little sprinkle of coins and MONEY.

Where are your coins and bills being made?

at the washition dc treasher comp.

Why don't they male one dollar Canadian bills?

While bills are cheaper to print than coins, coins have a much longer lifespan than bills. It made sense economically to eliminate the $1 and $2 notes.

What is the use of pennies?

Penny's (and other coins) are used to round out purchases that are made with bills.

What material are dollars made out of?

Paper bills are made of cotton and linen fibers Dollar coins are made of manganese brass bonded to a copper core.

How can you tell where a 2004a 10 bill is minted?

Bills are printed. Coins are minted. In fact, they're made by entirely separate departments within the Treasury: bills are made by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, and coins are made by the U.S. Mint.Bills are only printed at two locations: Washington and Fort Worth. If you look for the plate letter on the front of a bill - a capital letter with a small number to its right - bills made in Fort Worth will have a small "FW" on the left, while bills printed in Washington will only have the capital letter and number.

What is money made out?

in the case of US paper money (dollar bills), special paper containing cotton and linen. for coins (nickels, pennies, quarters, dimes, halves, dollars) different types of metals including zinc, copper, nickel, and manganese. In Australia coins are made of copper-nickel and bills are made from polymer

Was there a five dollar bill created by the US Treasury in 1932?

No US bills of any denomination were dated 1932. Very few coins and bills were made that year or in 1933 due to the Great Depression. Even nickels and dimes weren't made.

Where coins are made?

Coins are made at a mint.

Which of the US coins are milled?

When a coin is milled it means that the coin was made using machines instead of hand made. Milled coins have ridges outlining the coin. The dime and the quarter are milled.

What are toucans bills made of?

toucans bills are made of colourful bone.

Where are dollars made?

The US has two printing plants for paper $1 bills. The main plant is in Washington, DC and a subsidiary facility is in Fort Worth. Bills from Fort Worth are identifiable by a tiny "FW" to the left of one of the plate-position numbers. $1 coins are made at the Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco mints. Philadelphia and Denver make circulating coins and San Francisco mints proof coins for collectors and investorss.

Which president is on the US 3 dollar bill?

The US has never made $3 bills, only $3 coins. All so-called "$3 bills" are novelty items that sell for a few dollars in gift shops.

Are coins made of copper or metal?

All coins are made of some type of metal, but not all coins are made of copper.

Difference between bills purchase and bills discount?

Advances made against demand bills are bills purchased While those made against usance bills are bills discounted

What were the original coins athenian coins made out of?

Athens had coins made of bronze, silver and gold.

How were Roman coins made?

roman coins were made from gold. this is the my answer.

What coins and bills are used in Australia today?

Australia's current currency is made up of the 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 Dollar notes. General circulation coins include the 5, 10, 20 and 50 cent coins and the 1 and 2 Dollar coins. The Australian 1 and 2 cent coins were withdrawn from circulation in 1992.

What can be made of gold?

Jewelry, coins and also tests are being done on using gold as an industrial catalyst

How you can pick out the pile of counterfeit coins in one step procedure using an equal arm balance?

you are given three piles of 10 pesos coins. one pile is made up of counterfeit coins heavier than the genuine ones. explain how can pick out the pile of counterfeit coins in one step procedure using an equal arm balance

What coins are valuable?

Old coins, rare coins, coins made of gold or silver.

Are replica coins worth anything?

Replica coins are generally not worth much more than the metal they're made from. That said, some replica coins are intentionally made using precious metals so they can be sold as collectibles, and these can be worth at least their melt value.

Did the mint make a two dollar bill with a blue seal?

The US Mint never made any $2 bills because the Mint only produces coins. All bills are made by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Only 2 series of $2 bills have been printed with blue seals - 1899 Silver Certificates and 1918 National Currency Banknotes.

When did the us mint stop making the 500 dollar bill?

It never started, because the Mint has never made bills. The Mint strikes coins. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing makes bills, and it is a separate part of the Treasury Department from the Mint. The US last bills larger than $100 were made in 1945, but all of these display the series date 1934.