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The great pythagorean theorm: a(squared) + b(squared) = c(squared)

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Q: How can I find the square foot of a roof pitch?
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How much to cut and pitch roof per square foot?

A 4/12 gives you 4" per foot.

How do you find square footage of a roof with pitch?

The site below that explains the pitch - how to measure it with a calculator to use with pitch and calculate the total footage of your roof

What is the cost of a roof per square foot?

what is the cost of a roof per square foot

How do you find the pitch of a roof when you know the length of the sides?

it's easier than that. . . take a four foot level up to the roof and measure the distance from the bottom of the level to the roof and divide by 4. . .that is the pitch

What is the going rate for roofering jobs in Texas One roofer want 50 per square 3 bundles of shingles a square?

It really depends on the style, height, and pitch of the roof. A traditional shingled gable roof with a relatively low pitch may cost about $2-5 per square foot (yes there are 3 bundles in a square, so a 3000 square foot surface area roof will take approximately 30 squares, or 90 bundles). For a recent job I did in the DFW area, the homeowner's insurance paid about $2 per square foot (or $50 per square)... low pitch & simple roof-lines. If the roof is steep (which should be less common in Texas since it does not snow often, but I think homeowners find the steep pitch visually appealing), has more hips, ridges, valleys, is on a 2-story house etc., it can cost considerably more. Hope that helps

What is the average cost per square foot to install new roof?

Roof is 1784sq foot

What is pitch in a roof?

Pitch is a bitumen or it can mean the slope of the roof for example 1/8" per foot fall

What is a 5 12 pitch roof?

That is the Pitch or slope of the roof. It means that in one foot of horizontal measure you will have 5" of rise .

Calculate pitch of roof?

Roof pitch is rise and run. So if you have a 4/12 pitch, for every foot of run the roof rises 4 inches.

What does a roofer make per square?

depends on pitch of roof,and height of roof ,

Roof 50 foot by 100 foot with a 412 pitch what is the formula?

a 100 foot run with a 50 foot rise would give you a 6/12 pitch

What does a 1 on 2 pitch mean in terms of a roof?

In general, talking about roof pitch, I have never heard or read about this term being used. Roof pitch is measured when you start at the leading edge of a roof and measure towards the center of the house too 12 feet. Pitch is measured from a imaginary parallel level line at the 12 foot mark, how many feet high the roof is at 12 feet is the pitch of a roof. If your roof is at 4 feet high at the 12 foot mark then the phrase would be- a 4/12 pitch.