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Impossible, as there are not enough numbers to cover all squares.

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Q: How can I make a square using the numbers 1-12 and all sides equal 26. square is 4 numbers by 4 numbers.?
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What is the length of the diagonal of a square with sides that have a length of 1 unit?

Using Pythagoras' theorem the answer is equal to the square root of 2.

The perimeter of a square garden is 48 cm what is the length of one side of the garden?

Because all sides of a square are equal in length, this can be calculated using division: 48cm / 4 sides = 12cm

Math square sums all sides equal the same number using numbers 1 - 9 only once each?


How can you make a square using the numbers 1-16 and all sides equal 34 square is 4 numbers by 4 numbers?

There are many ways to do it. The following is found in the engraving "Melancholia I" by Albrecht Durer: 16 3 2 13 5 10 11 8 9 6 7 12 4 15 14 1

How do you find area of square if diagonal is given?

Using Pythagoras' theorem which says that the square on the hypotenuse (in this case the diagonal) is equal to the sum of the squares on the other two sides (which in the case of a square would be equal in length). so if the diagonal measured 10 units, the square on the diagonal would be 100 square units. And as this = 2*the squares on the other sides, the square on one side would be 100/2 = 50 square units. As a square has sides of equal length the square on one side is actually the area of the square. i.e. the area of a square with a diagonal of 10 units is 50 square units. or generically the area of a square with a diagonal of length 'x' = (x2)/2

What is the square root of negative 54 using imaginary numbers?

±3i√6 Rounded to two decimal places, the square root of +54 is equal to ±7.35. Therefore, the square root of -54, rounded to two decimal places, is equal to ±7.35 i.

Is a square a rectangle prove your answer briefly?

A rectangle is a shape which has all inner angles equal to 90 degrees. A square is A RECTANGLE that has all sides of the same size. Therefore, using informatical slang, SQUARE INHERITS RECTANGLE.

How can you make a tessellation using only a octagon and a square when the square and the octagon have equal sides?

Start with one octagon.Place an octagon along every other side of the first octagon. This creates square gaps which can be filled using the squares. At this stage the general pattern should be evident.

How do you get a square using 3 sticks?

You cannot get a square using 3 sticks since the definition of a square includes that it must have 4 sides to be considered a square

Can a perimeter have 20 units using a square?

Yes. A square with sides of 5 units.

What two numbers when added is equal to 70 but when multiplied is equal to 700?

Using the quadratic equation formula the number are 35 +5 times square root of 21 and 35 -5 times square root of 21 or about 57.91287847 and 12.08712153

What is 6.6 equal to?

Using the uniqueness property of numbers, it is equal to 6.6