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Regarding any electrical equipment, especially motors, 746 watts or volt-amps is 1 horsepower. If your table saw is rated 4 horsepower, that would be 2984 volt-amps and at 110 volts that calculates to 27 amps. The above answer is correct. At 110 volts you cannot run a 4 horsepower motor on a 15 amp circuit.


The above theoretical answer is correct however you should allow extra for efficiency less than 100% and a power factor less than 1, so the current requirement should be increased by 25% to 34 amps.

<<>>The rule of thumb for motors at 240 v is 7 amps per HP, which would be 28 amps for 4 HP, but because the voltage is less the current must be more, 28x240/110 which is 61 amps.

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Q: How can a 110 volt table saw be rated 4 horsepower at 15 amps?
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What are transformers rated?

A transformer's capacity is rated in volt amperes(V.A). This is the product of the secondary winding's current rating and voltage rating.

How many amps should a 220 volt well pump pull?

The horsepower of the motor is needed to complete this answer.

How many amps are in 40 volt amps?

Multiply the vots by the amps to find the volt-amps. Or divide the volt-amps by the voltage to find the amps.

How do you Convert 220v 20hp to amps?

1 horsepower = 746 watts, 1 watt = 1 volt x 1 amp =&gt; 20 Horsepower = 14,920 watts =&gt; 14,920 watts / 220 volts = 67.82 amps

How many amps in a small table lamp?

A 120 volt table lamp with a 75 watt bulb will pull 0.625 amps. With a 100 watt bulb it will pull 0.833 amps. And with a modern fluorescent 13 watt bulb it will pull 0.108 amps.

17.60amperes what is the equivalent in horsepower?

That will depend on the voltage together with the amperage. Multiply voltage times amperage to get the watts. There are about 746 watts to one horsepower. A 220 volt circuit at 17.60 amps would be about 5.2 horsepower.

Fuse to protect 110 volt from 220 volt?

There is no such thing as fuses are rated in amps, not volts. a 10 amp fuse will protect against anything over 10 amps regardless of the voltage used.

Is 9 amp drill as powerful as 14 volt?

Your question is similar to: "Is an apple more powerful than an orange?" You are comparing two different parameters. Electric Power = Volts multiplied by Amperes = Volt-Amps. To know which drill is more powerful, you need to compare the Volt-Amps of each drill with the other one. If the battery voltage is the same for both drills (it probably is not), then the one with the highest motor current rating SHOULD be the most powerful. However, manufacturers tend to fudge some on their ratings. When they say "This is a 9 Amp drill", often it is not clear or not defined what they mean. Is the battery rated for a 9 Amp output, or is the motor rated to use 9 Amps maximum, or 9 Amps average, or are the wires running from the battery to the motor rated for 9 Amps? You see what I mean. Electric power cannot be measured in Amps or in Volts, but must be a combination of the two (Volt-Amps, or Watts, or Horsepower, or some known and well-defined power quantity).

Can a 115 volt icemaker be plugged into a 110 volt receptacle outlet?

There is no problem with that voltage. As long as the voltage is plus or minus 5% of the nominal voltage of 115 volts it is considered to be in the 120 volt range. Even though there is only a 110 volt potential at the outlet it is still rated to a voltage of 120 volts maximum. The second consideration is the amperage of the icemaker. Most 120 volt receptacles are rated at 15 amps and are fed with a #14 wire that is rated at 15 amps. As long as the icemaker does not draw more amperage than the receptacle is rated for the connection will be fine. If the icemaker draws more that 15 amps the breaker will trip.

What gauge wire for 240 volt at 40 amps?

For a 240 volt circuit at 40 amps, you should use 8-gauge wire. This wire size is rated to safely carry 40 amps of current and is suitable for most residential applications. Be sure to consult local electrical codes and regulations before undertaking any wiring project.

What is the proper size wire cord for a 12 amp vacuum sweeper 120 volt?

16 gauge is rated at 13 amps, but I would use 14 gauge which is rated at 15 amps just to be safe.

What has more power a 5 amp grass trimmer or a 18 volt one?

At a specific voltage the higher the amperage the higher the rated horsepower of the motor. You will see the amperage rating used when manufactures sell hand tools. A saw that draws 12 amps, it is stated, is better than the saw that draws 9 amps. As the question stands a comparison can not be made between voltage and amps.