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The first number represents bodily injury per person, the second number represents bodily injury per occurrence, and the last number represents property damage per occurrence.

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Q: How can a coordinate grid be used to show the similarities and differences between translations and reflections?
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How does an ordinate differ from a coordinate?

There are slight differences between a coordinate and and ordinate. In mathematics, an ordinate is plotted on the vertical axis of a two dimensional system and is an element of an ordered pair. A coordinate however, refers to a geometry system which uses one or more than one number to chart and determine the position of a point or other geometic element.

What the coordinate is called?

x-coordinate: abscissa y-coordinate: ordinate

What is a coordinate plane that has no breaks in it?

A coordinate plane! If it has one or more breaks in it is not a coordinate plane but only a part of one.

Is a coordinate graph the same as a coordinate plane?

no, coordinate graph is a graph made on a coordinate plane i.e xy-plane

Which coordinate in the equatorial coordinate system is like longitude in the geographical coordinate system?

a coordinate system is lines of longuitude and latitude that are used in a map to locate something. There is a coordiante in the Equatorial Coordinate System that is like longitude in the Geographical Coordinate System.....what is the coordinate? Celestial Equator?

What is another word for coordinate?

They are abscissa (x-coordinate) and ordinate (y-coordinate).

What is the bank coordinate?

banking coordinate

What is an x-coordinate?

it is a down on the graph

What are the coordinate of the origin?

(0,0) are the coordinate of the origin.

Which coordinate in the horizon coordinate system is similar to longitude in the geographic coordinate system?

The North Point

What is the difference between coordinate system and coordinate plane?

The coordinate system can be in any number of dimensions whereas the coordinate plane is a 2-dimensional concept.

When a point lies on the x-axiswhat do you know about its y-coordinate?

y coordinate is 0

When a point lies on the y-axis what do you know about its x-coordinate?

Its x coordinate is 0.

When a point lies on the x-axis what do you know about the y-coordinate?

The y coordinate is 0.

What is the meaning of coordinate index?

Coordinate index ? Sure ! It's easy ... You just have to coordinate your index number !

What is the math term for X-coordinate?

It is the abscissa.

What is coordinate plane or coordinate system?

graphing tool

What is the transformers coordinate code?

what is tranformers coordinate code

What does every y - intercept have in common?

Its x coordinate is 0.The abscissa (x-coordinate) is zero.

In an ordered pair it does not matter which number is called the x coordinate and which is called the y coordinate?

The first coordinate always is called the "x" coordinate, because it goes on the "x" axis, while the second coordinate is always called the "y" coordinate because it always goes on the "y" axis.

In which ordered pair is the x-coordinate 3 more than the y-coordinate?

ex) (3,1)

What is the definition to x-coordinate?

Given an ordered pair, (x,y), the first number is the x coordinate.

When a point lies on the x-axis what do you know about it's y-coordinate?

y-coordinate is 0

What is a y coordinate?

A y coordinate is when you have a long line (y axis) and you coordinate (put numbers on that line) and you graph them

what is y-coordinate in rectangular coordinate system?

A point's y coordinate is its vertical position, or how high or low it is.