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Q: How can a number's position on a number line tell its value?
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What Is a horizontal line with incremental marks indicating the position of numbers?

A number line.

Why is the number line of a number is never negative?

A number line can have both positive and negative numbers. You can put the number line in any position, but often it is represented so that numbers to the right of zero are positive, and numbers to the left of zero, negative.

The value of the numbers in a number line from left to right is?


A numbers distance from 0 on a number line?

A number's distance from 0 on a number line is called absolute value. The absolute value of 5 is 5 and the absolute value of -5 is also 5.

The difference of the absolute value of two numbers is positive?

Yes. The absolute value of two numbers is ALWAYS positive. This is because absolute value means "the number of spaces a number is from zero on a number line.

Can an numbers absolute value be zero?

The only number whose absolute value is zero is zero. This is because a number's absolute value is its distance from zero on the number line.

What The Distance From Zero On A Number Line is called?

the number from zero (the distance) is called incounting numbers

Is zero a number or a placeholder?

zero is infact a number not a placeholder contrary to popular belief. many people may argue that zero is the bridge between the positives and the negatives upon the infinite number line. However Zero has a value just as any other number on the number line. zero has a value of zero. this is not an absess of value but the very much real value of zero. if a certain representation has a value on the number line it must therefore be a number. the socalled bridge between the positive and negative numbers is the line upon which all numbers of infinite value are settled.

Does there have to be a zero on a number line?

No, not necessarily. A number line can start and end wherever you need it. But if you are including both positive and negative numbers, then there needs to be a position for zero.

Is 8 greater than -2?


What do you call two numbers that are equal distance from zero on a number line?

That is called Absolute Value

What is the distance for a number line called?

The distance between two numbers is the absolute value of their difference.