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You can get hormone tablets from the doctor which will stop a period for a wedding or holiday. You will need the same checks you would have if using oral contraceptive but they are not birth control pills and your period will come normally within a few hours of stopping them.

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Q: How can a period be stopped for a wedding less than two weeks away?
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Is it bad to have your period for 6 weeks?

Yes! You need to go to a gynecologist right away.

Why has your period stopped straight away after taking pill on first day of bleeding?

This happened to me today, when I started taking it.

My breasts were tender 2 weeks after my period and has gone away but I am 3 days later for my period am I pregnant?

Take a pregnancy test.

Your daughter thought she got her period because she was spotting but it stopped in a day Was that her period?

If it was blood and went away, its doctor time. If its discarge, if could be a SIGN of her period coming. If she had experienced discharge before that is erm.. a little darker than normal than she could get her period in a few days or weeks. Talk with her and just u know.. ask if she has anymore signs. SORRY if my answer got gross.

Can your period cause you to have a miscarriage?

Yes, a period can cause u to miscarry because a period is to clean your system and if your only.a few weeks pregnant then your fetus can be washed away also...

Can you not start your period because you moved to another state?

I think that you mean to say that your period stopped after moving away. While it is not directly related to being in another state, your late period may be due to the stress and upheaval of moving.

Can chlamydia go away if you have your period?

Chlamydia won't go away if you have your period.

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What's wrong if you finished your period about 2 weeks ago and in the past few days you have had brownish spotting that sometimes looks veiny or clumpy and you have very mild cramps?

This could just be your uterine lining coming away which is normal, it just came away after your period instead of with it.

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