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Pre-64 Winchesters had many forged and hand-fitted parts while those made later are machine-stamped. If you haven't studied metal working enough to recognize the difference, 1964 production bagan with serial number 2586001.

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Q: How can a pre-1964 model 94 be identified from a post-1964?
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When was a model 94 Winchester 30-30 serial made?

The year your winchester model 1894 rifle was made cannot be identified unless you include the serial number to your rifle in your question.

What is the model of a 30-30 Winchester 94 serial 1860286?

It's a Model 94.

Did Winchester ever make a model 94 for Sears?

Yes they did.The sears model number was model 54.This was a Winchester model 94.

Where can you find pictures of a Model 94 12 gauge shotgun?

You must mean the Model 97. Model 94 is a rifle?

What year was Model 94 serial 1570357 manufactured?

Your Winchester Model 94 was manufactured in 1949.

Stevens model 94?

value of Stevens model 94 long tom perfect condition

What is value Winchester Model 94 serial 235404?

If it is a standard model 94 it is worth about $350.00.

What is the age of a Winchester Model 94?

what is the year of winchester mod 94 sn 3295692

What model is a 1906 manufactured 38 caliber considered to be Is it a model 1906 or a model 94?

The model 1906 was only made as a .22 caliber. It is also a slide (pump) action while the model 94 is a lever action. A model 94 made from 1894 to 1929 should be marked "Model 1894". If a model 94 is a .38 caliber it should also be marked "38-55 WCF".

How do you determine pre 64 Winchester model 94 from a post 64 model 94 in a 30-30?

The post 94 starts with the serial number 2,700,000

Does a model 94 have a spring loaded firing pin?

No. Later (and current) Model 94's have a rebounding hammer.

What is the year of a rifle model 94 32 special serial no 3372422?

If it is a Winchester Model 94, it was made in 1970.

How do you determine pre 64 Winchester model 94 from post 64 model 94?

By the serial number on your rifle.

How much is Winchester model 94-44 mag worth?

Winchester Model 94-44 Magnum 3199687M

Is the model 94 a gun that has interchangeable barrels?

If you are asking about a Winchester Model 94, no- they are not interchangeable except with the services of a gunsmith.

What year was myWinchester model 94-32 made serial 2138858?

your Winchester model 94 was made in 1955.

Is a Winchester 94 serial?

Yes, the Model 94 has serial numbers.

What year was this daisy model 94 H177185 made?

The Daisy model 94 carbine was made between 1955 - 64

How much is a Remington model 94 .22 magnum worth?

How much is a Remington model 94 .22 magnum worth?

What ammo does a model 94 sw use?

S&W has never made a firearm with the model number of 94

What is the age of a Winchester Model 94 30-30 serial number 2394468?

Your Winchester Model 94 was manufactured in 1959........

When was the winchester32 model 94 serial 1594028 made?

Your Model 94 Carbine was manufatured in the year 1949. Bert H.

How old is a model 94 daisy bb gun?

The Daisy Model 94 Carbine was made between 1955-1962

How do you determine pre 64 Winchester model 94 from a post 64 Winchester model 94 32 caliber?

In 1964 the Model 94 serial numbers were realigned up to 2700000. If its serial 2700000 or higher its post 1964

What is the age of Winchester model 94 6145929?

Your serial number indicates that your Winchester model 94 rifle was made in the year 1995.