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complex fractions can be multiplied when you have two fractions multiplied and equal a whole number.

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Q: How can complex fractions be multiplied?
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What are complex fractions?

They could be fractions in which the numerator or the denominator, or both, are complex numbers.

How can you simplify a complex fraction?

Multiply top and bottom by the complex conjugate of the bottom complex number; this will make the bottom complex number into a real number which can then be made into fractions and simplified with the real part and the imaginary part (the multiplier of i [√-1]) of the multiplied out top number.

What are the components of a complex fraction?

To be called a complex fraction, either the numerator, the denominator, or both, are fractions (or contain fractions).

What is the difference between a complex fraction and a regular fraction?

"Regular" fractions have integers for the numerator and denominator. Complex fractions have fractions at one or both of those spots.

Do you need a common denominator to divide fractions?

No. Dividing fractions is achieved by inverting the divisor and multiplying the resulting fractions. To multiply fractions the numerators are multiplied together to form the new numerator and the denominators are multiplied together to form the new denominator.

Can a fraction be a factor?

Fractions can be multiplied, so yes.

How do you do comparing fractions?

Fractions can be compared by seeing if the numerator and the denominator have the same numbers multiplied on the top and bottom.

How is the product of 2proper fractions greater than the fractions being multiplied?

It is not: they are the same. A "product" and "multiple" are synonyms.

How can you order fractions least from greatest?

You can order fractions by finding the percentage (top divided by bottom multiplied by 100).

They may be complex vulgar or mixed what are they?

They are fractions.

In mathematics what can be complex mixed or vulgar?


How do you dive fractions by fractions?

You divide fractions by fractions by multiplying by the inverse. For instance, 1/3 divided by 3/4 is the same as 1/3 multiplied by 4/3, which is 4/9.

What is simple fraction?

A simple fraction is a fraction that is a whole number divided by a whole number. Complex fractions can have fractions inside of fractions.

What is the general rule for multiplying fractions?

The product of two fractions is equal to the two numerators multiplied together divided by the two denominators multiplied together. (a/x) * (b/y) = (a * b) / (x * y)

Why do numbers get smaller when multiplied by a decimal?

It's because decimals are really fractions and all numbers get smaller when you multiply them by fractions.

How is multiplying fractions different from adding fractions?

When multiplying fractions, the numerators (top numbers) are multiplied together and put as the numerator over the denominators (bottom numbers) multiplied together.When adding fractions, they must both have the same denominator - the fractions are made into equivalent fractions with a common denominator; then the numerators are added together and put over the same common denominator.In both cases of multiplication and addition, the resulting fractions are reduced to simplest form.

When you multiply fractions by fractions what do you do to the numerators?

they are also multiplied. When multiplying fractions: (N1/D1) x (N2/D2). The new product is (N1 x N2) / (D1 x D2).

How do you make a fractions into a percentage?

in order to convert a fraction into %age it is multiplied by 100

What are the fractions of 4 x 6?

The numbers 4 and 6 are integers, there are no fractions. When multiplied together as indicated in the question they make the number 24.

How did Greeks use fractions?

Greek fractions were very complicated. They did the number system and made a complex sum ending with the fraction.

What are some similarities between fractions and decimals?

They both can be multiplied, added, subtracted, and divided.

Name 2 complex number that when multiplied together become a real number?

Any pair of complex conjugates do that.

what is the meaning of unrelated fraction?

To solve an unrelated fraction you must, numerator multiplied by the numerator and denominator multiplied by denominator. When dividing fractions with the different/unrelated denominators, itโ€™s a little bit more complicated. What you have to do is flip (find the inverse) the second fraction then proceed as if your multiplying the fractions.

How do complex fractions be used to solve problems involving ratios?

you can use it by writing out the complex into a division problem then improper fraction

When fractions are multiplied by variables you do not have to reduce them?

Generally, if you can reduce, you should, unless the directions say you don't have to.

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