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Q: How can cure if sgpt is high 203 never drank?
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What if sgpt is high?

high SGPT is mostly found in liver dis.and fatty liver.

High sgot sgpt?

The high SGOT and SGPT are usually as a result of either a sick liver or heart.

What if ALT SGPT is high?

high SGPT is mostly found in liver dis.and fatty liver.

What does low SGPT means?

SGPT is primarily found in the liver. Low levels of SGPT may indicate deficiency of vitamin B6. Hepatitis can cause high levels.

What should you eat in case of high SGPT?


How can elevated SGPT be cured?

SGPT is released into the blood when the heart or liver is damaged. Some issues that cause elevated SGPT levels are viral hepatitis, diabetes, congestive heart failure, liver damage, bile duct problems, infectious mononucleosis, or myopathy. To cure the elevated SGPT levels, the underlying cause needs to be determined and treated or cured.

What causes high sgpt?

Alcoholism is one of the reasons which increases SGPT levels in the blood. Continuous use will eventually result in permanent liver damage. Another reason for high SGPT is Fatty Liver. Steatohepatitis is a type of liver disease which is characterized by the inflammation of the liver with concurrent fat accumulation in liver. Peple having diabetes also experience Steatohepatitis. Overweight in people can cause Fatty liver which in turn can cause higher SGPT.

Your sgpt level is 21 is it normal?

my sgpt level is over 9000...

What is the rage of SGPT?

sgpt range should be between 10-50

How can reduce SGOT and SGPT?

my sgot is 118 sgpt is 209 and alkalin phosphate is 138. Please help me to reduce my sgpt n sgot.

What vitamins will i take to lower your sgpt?

vitamin b complex can lower sgpt

What tube is used for sgpt test?

SGPT 84460 Green 1ml plasma U/L