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Ok so it is really easy but ill explain how and why

You round any thing 5 or more up to the next digit and anything 4 or less round to the same just add 0's instead so take 56+34 56 rounds to 50 and 34 rounds to 30 so 50+30=80

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Q: How can estimating help you add two digit numbers?
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How can estimating help you add two-digit numbers?

Idont know

How can estimating help you add two digit of number?

It is easier to simply add two one-digit numbers than to mess about with estimation!

How does knowing how to compare four digit numbers help you to compare five digit numbers?

they all are digit numbers

How do you add a 3 digit number and a two digit number?

You line up the last numbers and then add it!

How do you multiply by two-digit numbers?

To multiply two digit numbers, multiply each place value of a factor by each place value digit and add the results.

What is the greatest possible sum of two 4 digit numbers?

Add the two greatest possible four digit numbers. 9999 + 9999

How do you divide a number by by a two digit number?

To divide a single digit number by a double digit number,you first have to understand its obviously isn't easy. The following should help: *Put a zero on the area of the quotient and add a decimal point next to it. * After doing this,divide as if both numbers were two digit numbers and proceed You should get the answer.

What is the least sum you can get wheyou add 2-digit numbers?


How do you add 3 digit numbers?

From right to left.

How many two-digit numbers have digits that add up to 10?

To make the list of two-digit numbers with digits that add up to 10, first write the pairs of single-digit integers that add up to 10. They are (1,9), (2,8), (3,7), (4,6), (5,5). Then recognize that each of these pairs of numbers, except 5, can be combined in two different ways to make two-digit numbers that satisfy the problem. 19 and 91 28 and 82 37 and 73 46 and 64 55 So there are nine two-digit numbers with digits that add up to 10.

If you add a two digit number to a two digit number can you get a four digit number?

No. There's no two digit numbers that could do this. The largest two digit number is 99. If you add 99 to itself, you only get 198, which is much smaller than a four digit number.

Can you add two 4 digit numbers and get a sum greater than 20000?