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Q: How can i pay attention in class?
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What can you do to improve in your class work?

study hard pay attention pay attention

Is it good not to pay attention in class?

No, there is no long-term advantage to not paying attention in class. == ==

What are three achievements that were made over the course of the roman empire?

1) pay attention in class 2) pay attention in class and 3) dont pay attention to your gay teachers

How do you not be bad in class?

pay attention

What should you do if a child does not pay attention in your class?

Talk to them. Say "Pay Attention (Name Here)!".

What does a teacher ask students to pay in a class?

A teacher asks students to pay attention in class!

What can you do to pass your grade?

all you have to do is pay attention in class

How can you get good in school?

Pay attention in class, study at home.

What river goes into the Ottawa river?

pay attention in class

How did the plains Indians hunt buffalo?

Pay attention I class!

What is 7x3.55?

how about you pay attention in class.. or maybe use a calculator? -_-

Who pay more attention in class boys or girls?

Girls pay more attention in class than boys because girls are more sensitive to aural senses than boys.