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They can be mutated through irradiation.

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Q: How can normal cells become cancer cells?
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Can you explain the way an abnormal p53 causes normal cells to become cancer cells?


How are cancer cells different than normal healthy cells?

normal cells look the same, cancer cells are abnormal.

Why do you have cancer cells in your body?

Cancer cells are, to put it simply, normal cells that have mutated. They don't die like normal cells so that is why cancer cells spread.

What does bladder cancer do to the normal cells?

Bladder cancer will force normal cells to divide uncontrollably.

What are some differences between normal cells and cancer cells?

cancer cells divide rapidly where normal cell don't.

How do normal cells become cancer cells?

A healthy cells DNA begins to change during the multiplication process. This is where the genetic cold alters and healthy breakdown which allows the cancer cells to increase.

How are cancer cells similar to normal cells and how are they different?

cancer cells are abnormal cells that are formed by genetic mutations caused in DNA. These abnormal cells start to duplicate uncontrollably and soon they become a tumor. They have no function and take up space and resources. As for normal cells, they are the exact opposite of cancer cells. THE LAST ANSWER WAS A PEICE A CR@P

What cancer causing agents transform normal cells into cancer cells?


How does cancer cells differs from ordinary cells?

cancer cells make you die and normal cells are healthy

Do you have dormant cancer cells in your body?

One could argue that all body cells can potentially become cancerous and therefore they are all dormant cancer cells. But by that definition, a dormant cancer cell is just a normal, healthy cell.

Is the percentage of cells in the resting stage is higher in cancerous cells than normal cells?

No, cancer cells are more active than normal cells. Cancer cells are always dividing at a faster rate than normal cells.

How are cancer cells formed?

cancer cells are formed when the normal oxygeneration of a healthy cell.

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