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Science is more about vocabulary while math is about numbers

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Q: How can one be good at math but bad at physics chemistry computer science and engineering?
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Are the subjects like mathematics physics chemistry involved in computer science engineering?

Mathematics and physics are both required for computer science and computer engineering degrees; chemistry might not be, depending upon your individual school.

What does being brilliant with mathematics have to do with physics chemistry computer science computer programming and engineering?

nothing and everything

Your subject is physics chemistry biology computer science. which engineering stream for you and admission. please suggest you site answers Google com?

computer science engineering

Why is it that if you are terrible at math you will fail physics chemistry computer science and engineering classes?

you wont always fail

Do you suck at physics and engineering if you are good at math but bad at chemistry computer science and programming?

That depends on the individual

Will you be bad at physics and engineering if you are good at math but bad at computer science and chemistry?

No. You can still excel or do well in physics even if you are not good at computer science and chemistry. For example, physics is one of my favorite subjects, and I am pretty good at it. I am also good in math, but have never done anything computer science-related. I dislike chemistry, but love physics. I do not know much about the engineering aspect though, sorry. I'm sure you'd be fine though.

What areas of science involve both chemistry and physics?

chemical engineering

What does having a strong and solid background at math have to do with physics chemistry computer science and engineering?

Math is used to describe nature. Chemistry and physics are described by math and engineering is the application of these sciences. Computer science requires math because code writing and design of parts all require math to be proficient. If you study engineering at university you will take 2 years of calculus before you can get into pro school.

What are other areas of science that science is linked to?

Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Astronomy, Botany, Engineering. That's all I got, and Engineering isn't all science.

Does science fields like physics chemistry and biology and engineering depend on math or not really?

They do, as do many fields that are not science.

What are the roles of material science and material engineering in engineering fields?

This segment of engineering covers a broad spectrum of chemistry, physics and electrical engineering issues.

Is it true that if you are good at math and economics but weak in computer programming you will fail physics chemistry and engineering?

Not necessarily but you will be expected to understand computing - as a tool for aiding complex calculations, not an end in itself. You are right about the maths, but economics? Engineering is the practical application of science, principally physics but also chemistry.

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