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Depends on the type of math problem.

there's usually an equation to see if there is a solution or not.

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Q: How can one tell when a math problem has no solution?
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Why do kids need to study math?

Imagine a world where no one knew how to do math. If people just used computers for their calculations, what would happen when there was a new problem that required a specific calculator? If nobody knew how to do the math, there would be no one to make the calculator and then there would be no solution to the problem.

How can you get very smart at math?

Lots of practice is one answer. When Pascal was asked 'how to become an expert mathematician', his answer was 'find an insoluble problem and attempt a solution.' Another solution would be to attempt to answer for yourself, some of the math questions in wikianswers.

What is discrete in math?

It only has one solution.

What is justin Bieber's favorite math problem?

No one has a favorite math problem, not even Justin Bieber.

Grigori perelman what he did for math?

He solved one of the most famous math problems for which no solution existed. The problem is called the Poincare conjecture. It comes from a mathematical field called topology. Unfortunately it is quite a complex problem even to describe, certainly to difficult for me.

How do students learn math?

Math is best learned through practice and application of mathematical processes or formulas to real-world problems. It is one thing to memorize a math problem with a known solution, but another thing to have to figure out a solution to a unique and original problem. Students will best gain an understanding for math through the latter, and will better retain this knowledge by practicing its application rather than by being asked to memorize problems.

What is a complex problem?

A complex math problem is one that is hard to solve.

What did one math book say to the other math book?

whats your problem

What does a problem-solution essay propose?

One solution

How do you do a math problem without order of operations?

You do it wrong. With out order of operations, the same math problem could have several different answers. In math, there is only one answer.

What is problem solution organization?

One meaning of the term "problem-solution organization" is as a format for school papers and speeches. In this format, the writer or speaker first asserts a problem and defines the problem. The writer or speaker then proposes a solution and illustrates how the solution addresses the problem.

What is the earliest math problem?

One to one correspondence is the basis of all math. Counting and marking the number on a stick.

What is a math problem with one or more unknowns?

an equation

Why can't math be disputed?

Math usually involves only one solution; however, math is still disputed. Consider the debate if 0.999... = 1

What is an estimated math answer?

An estimated math answer is one that is guessed based on what you know without actually doing the problem.

What does percent decrease mean in math?

Percent decrease is when your overall percentage goes down. Example: I take a 4 problem math test and get one wrong, 75%. I take a 2 problem math test and get one wrong, 50%.

What is plural form of math?

Math is a word that is both singular and plural.Both sentences are correct:Singular: Please complete one math problem.Plural: Please complete one hundred math problems.

How many definitions of solution are there?

There are two definitions for the word solution. One is that a solution is the answer to solving a problem, and the second one is a chemical compound that has ionic bonds.

How do you find the kilometers in a math problem?

1000 metres is one KM

How do you solve the math problem What is my number?

use one step equation.

What is the hardest 6th grade math problem?

The hardest sixth grade math problem is not the same for every student. While some find one area of math to be hard, others consider it to be easy.

Need help simplifying 3 math problems a to the second power minus 5 times a minus 20?

I advise that you ask us about each problem one at a time. Tell us the problem and we will see if we can simplify it for you.

What is the solution in math?

A solution is an answer which satisfies all the constraints posed in the problem. Sometimes there can be more than one solution to a problem, sometimes there are no solutions to a problem. For example the solution to "3x+4=13" is the value of x which satisfies the equation. Of course it's (13-4)/3=3. "Name a day of the week that begins with a T" has two solutions, since Tuesday and Thursday both begin with T. "What number is bigger than 4 but less than 3" has no solutions.

What word means the same as the answer to a problem?

"Solution" would be one.

One of the best quotes from a republican?

"Government is not the solution to the problem, government is the problem." - Ronald Reagan