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Q: How can postulates and theorems relating to similar and congruent trianglesbe used to write a proof?
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What are the congruence theorems or postulates?

They are theorems that specify the conditions that must be met for two triangles to be congruent.

What are the properties of geometry?

logic postulates theorems

Wwhich of the following are not congruence theorems or postulates?

the congruence theorems or postulates are: SAS AAS SSS ASA

What is always true in a logical system?

Theorems, corollaries, and postulates.

Can postulates be used to solve theorems?

No. A postulate need not be true.

What would best describe how postulates differ from theorems?

Postulates are accepted as true without proof, and theorems have been proved true. Kudos on the correct spelling/punctuation/grammar, by the way.

What are the postulates and theorems?

Postulates are statements that are assumed to be true without proof. Theorums are statements that can be deduced and proved from definitions, postulates, and previously proved theorums.

Which are accepted without proof in a logical system Postulates Axioms Theorems or Corollaries?

Postulates and axioms are accepted without proof in a logical system. Theorems and corollaries require proof in a logical system.

Which are accepted without proof in a logical system?


What do you use as reasons to support the steps of geometric proof?

the theorems and postulates used in the proof

What is the differences between postulate and theorems?

postulates are rules that are accepted without proof and theorems are true statements that follow as a result of other true statements.

Can Postulates be used to prove theorems?

No, because postulates are assumptions. Some true, some not. Proving a Theorem requires facts in a logical order to do so.