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Single parents can meet each other by going to various school activities. They can also meet on dating websites that are aimed mostly at single parents.

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Q: How can single parents meet each other?
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Where is a good place to meet other single parents in Portland?

Good places to meet other single parents in Portland are Single Parent Meet, Mingle 2 and Meet Up. Other good places are Examiner, Date Hookup and Amazing singles.

What are the best ways for single parents to meet?

The best way for single parents to meet is to attend many play groups with their children and ensure to stay active within the community so they have as much chance as possible to meet other single parents.

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What websites are affordable for single parents looking to date?

There are loads of websites that are good for single parents to start dating. Websites like and eharmony are a good place to meet singles but for single parents who want to find other single parents specifically there is also

What dating services help single parents meet?

There are many sites that help single parents meet such as and Many can be found in the search bar.

Where do Christian singles meet?

There are several dating websites available for Christian singles to meet such as Christian Mingle, Christian Dating, and Single Christian network. These are places where single Christians meet each other.

Where can one find a calendar for a single parent meet?

There aren't any official calendars for events that are catered around single parents to meet up and interact. But there are sites and services specifically designed for single parents. Examples include Single Parent Meet, a really solid site.

Where can one meet single military men?

One can meet single military men by going to the US Military Singles Website. The website is designed to allow members of the military to meet each other and form relationships.

What are some resources for single parents in New York?

Single parents might want to consult the single parents guide from Time Out New York ( or go to some single parents meetups to meet other people in similar situations.

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Where can one go to meet other Christians who are single?

Dating introduction services are available for Christians who are single to enable them to meet like minded people. Christian Mingle is an online Christian dating service. Alternately dioceses sometimes organised social events or holidays to enable single Christians to meet each other.

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