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Q: How can the problem of student absenteeism be solved?
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What is the problem and how does it get solved?

a problem is a conflict or a question and its solved by thinking how u would do fix the problem

A math test has two problems The first was solved by 70 percent of the students The second was solved by 60 percent Every student solved at least one of the problems Nine students solved both problem?

.7x-.6x=9, .1x=9, x=9/.1=90 students

How was the problem solved in diary of wimpy kid?

greg solved the problem by him cause he retared

What is student absenteeism and laziness in study?

Student absenteeism refers to when a student is consistently missing school or classes without a valid reason. Laziness in studying can be when a student lacks motivation or effort in completing their schoolwork or preparing for exams. Both can have negative impacts on a student's academic performance and overall success.

Give you an example when you solved problem for guest?

Give mGive me an example of a problem you faced on the job, and tell me how you solved ite an example of a problem you faced on the job, and tell me how you solved it

How do you answer the tell me about a time you solved a problem?

You bring back old memories and try to think of a time you solved a problem. Ask your friends and family about a time you solved a problem and they can help you with that.

Why absenteeism has increase among university student?

dull subject,negative peer influence and ignorant parents and lecturers

How is the problem solved between poseidon and Athena?

The problem of the city to be named "Athens" was solved when it was judged by Zeus.

What are the types of absenteeism?


What is the meaning of student absenteeism?

Why? Are you thinking of dropping out? Don't! You won't get a very good job, or education. NO one will want to hire a "drop-out". I highly suggest you do not drop out of school. You might think it's cool, but it's not. It's stupid, so tell your friends to Stay in school!I personally hate school, but heck I'm staying in it as long as I can!

how to solved the problem?

Kill them

Does problem that deal with ethics can or cannot be solved?

any problem can be easily should be taken as a rational mannner