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In general, the word form of a fraction tells you what you can divide to generate the equivalent fraction. For instance, three fourths can be converted to a decimal by completing the problem "three divided by four."

If the denominator is a multiple of ten, the word form of a fraction can tell you how many places are to the right of a decimal, as in the case 37/100 = "thirty-seven hundredths" = 0.37. Since the denominator is hundredths, you know that the decimal has two places to its right.

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Q: How can the word form of a fraction help you write the fraction as a decimal?
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How can a decimal help you write the decimal as a fraction?

you write a decimal in fraction by example: 12/100 it is read as twelve hundredths as decimal is 0.12 or .12.

Explain how saying the decimal can help you to write the decimal as a fraction?

A decimal is said the same as the fraction. 0.2 is said as two tenths,so the fraction is 2 . ---- 10

How does the definition of percent help you write fraction and decimal equivalents?

It's helps you by the zero

What is the decimal form of three fifth?

0.6 Need help with fraction to decimal conversion. Go to the link below

How do you write eight and twenty-one hundredths as a decimal?

Expressed as a decimal fraction, this is equal to 8.21. (yes this is correct and if u need help discussing as a percent, etc.)

How does the definition of percent help you write fraction and decimal equivalent?

"Percent" means for every 100 37% = 37/100 = 0.37

What is 2266 in its simplest form?

This number, 2266, is already in simplest for. You see, there is no fraction, decimal or any other indicator to help simplify this number.

Why does it help to write a decimal as a fraction with a denominator of 100 when writing decimals as percent?

It is not a question of helping or not helping. A percentage is, by definition, parts per one hundred!

How do you change a large decimal with more than 10 numbers to a fraction?

it depends for example if its .0001 since it is in the tenthousandth place, you would write the fraction as 1/10000. then simplifiy it. if that doesnt help i tried sorry.

What if the coordinate is fraction in finding the slope of a line?

The same rules apply but it might help if you turn the fraction into a decimal.

How do you write 0.2 as a fraction in simplest form What is the answer?

i need help becuase i for got how to do it and i want remember so could you'll give me the answer

0.016 as a fraction in simplest form?

.016 in fraction form is 2/125! Hope I could help!

How do you write a fraction from a decimal?

well its like this if i had 1.00 dollars and i gave 0.50 or .50 to some one i would have 1/2 of it left. does that help a little bit?

How do you write five tenths as a decimal?

Expressed as a decimal fraction, 5/10 is equal to 0.5.

Describe how to write a mixed number as a fraction?

i need help someone help me please

How do you write 0.321 as a fraction?

I really want to help you and the answer is 321/1000

How is 708 written as a decimal?

The number 708 is in decimal form, it might help to think of it as 708.00

What is 4.75 as fraction in simplest form?

4.75 as fraction in simplest form is 19/4

How can factoring both the numerator and the denominator of a fraction help to write an equivalent fraction?

If you divide a fraction by any common factor of the numerator and denominator you will get an equivalent fraction.

How do you write 8.3 as an improper fraction?


How you change a negative decimal into a fraction?

The same way you do a positive one except you put a dash in front of it! Here are some good links to use if you need help again with this: = decimal to fraction calculator = decimal to fraction calculator (w/ breakdown)

How does finding the GCF help you simplify a fraction?

Divide both the numerator and the denominator by their GCF. The result will be the simplest form of the fraction. If the GCF is 1, the fraction is already in its simplest form.

How do you use convert into a sentence?

I could use a little help to convert this fraction into it's decimal equivalent.

Can you help me write83 over 100 a decimal PLEASE?

83 over 100 is equal to .83. When a number is over 100 move the decimal to places to the left to get the decimal equivalent of the fraction.

How do you write 0.45 as a fraction in simplest form?

It is 9/20 in simplest form.45/100 or 9/20