How can you be more flexable?

Updated: 12/9/2022
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Just stretch about 3 times a day a day, and trust me it will help!! The first thing in the morning is best!

here are some you could do:

1.kick your leg 60 degree

2.kick 90 degree

3.then kick highest you can

but do remember don't hurt yourselves

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Q: How can you be more flexable?
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Who is more flexable girls or boys?

It depends on what stretch they are doing, for some stretches boys are more flexable. But most of the time girls are more Flexable

Is iron flexable?

yes iron is flexable

Is it possible that copper can bend more than gold?

no, it is in the family but it is more flexable. :)

Is there a pill for flexibility?

No there isn't a pill for flexability. You become more flexable by exercise. Cod liver oil and chondrotin can help you become more flexable but you still need to exercise somewhat.

How is yoga useful to us?

Well, of course it relaxes the mind and makes you more flexable

How do dogs have more flexible backs than humans if you are both mammals?

Dog have a more flexable body parts

Is copper flexable?


Are metals flexable?

No but some can be stretched into wires.

Can you urinate in your anus?

yes you can, you have to be flexable and "long"

Can you bite your own butt?

Yes if your flexable. I think

Does the time of the day effect your flexibility?

yes! usually when you're younger your more flexable because you havnt gained any muscle that would block you from being non flexable. but when your older your bones start to get weaker and muscle is gained and you are un flexable UNLESS you stretch all the time, and gain it back.

Why is aluminium good for cans?

it is light,flexable and recyled esy