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add the sides?

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Q: How can you calculate the area of a square or rectangles?
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How do you find the are of a cross?

You could consider the cross as two intersecting rectangles. Calculate the area of both rectangles and the area of the intersection (overlap). Then area of cross = sum of the areas of the rectangles minus the area of the overlap.

Square footage in L shape room?

Divide the room into two rectangles. Then calculate the area of each rectangle as length x width.

What is the area and perimeter of a large square if two congruent rectangles are arranged so they from a square with each perimeter of rectangles is 36 inches?

area = 144 square units perimeter = 48 units

How do you take the area of rectangles?

Area of a rectangle in square units = length*width

What shapes has a area of 36cm square?

Rectangles and squares.

What are three different rectangles that have an area of 12 square units?

Thee different rectangles with an area of 12 square units are 3 by 4, 2 by 6 and 1 by 12.

How do you calculate ellbow area?

Treat it as two rectangles - calculate the area of each rectangle - then simply add the two figures together.

What is the area of a square formed by six rectangles, given that the total perimeter of the six rectangles is 330 cm?


How many rectangles can be made with an area of 10 square inches?

The answer is Infinite...The rectangles can have an infinitely small area and therefore, without a minimum value to the area of the rectangles, there will be an uncountable amount (infinite) to be able to fit into that 10

What happens to the area of the square if its side is halved?

Then its area will only be a quater of once it was.

Can you give me an example of an area of an obtuse angle?

Right triangle square rectangles

How many different rectangles can be drawn with an area of 15 square inches?


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