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Number of runs given by the bowler divided by no.of wickets taken by him at the same time....

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Q: How can you calculate the average of an bowler?
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How fast is a average cricket ball?

It really depends on the bowler. if the bowler is slow, medium or fast. if the bowler was slow it is about 89kmh, medium about 120kmh, fast about 145kmh

How many strikes does a professional bowler average?

they average 6 to 7 a game

Pba bowler bowling average?

about 227 per game

What is average bowling score for 89 year old man?

With the advent of better, lighter bowling balls, there isn't a set average. A lot depends on the ability of the bowler and skills of the bowler.

What is the use of mathematics in cricket.?

Mathematics play an important role in cricket.I think most mathematics is used in cricket only.It is used to calculate the over rate (total number of overs bowled by a bowling side in one hour) by dividing the number of time with the overs.It is also used to find the run rate of the bowler (total number of runs conceded by a bowler per one over of his career) by dividing the number of runs with the number of overs.It is also used to calculate the average and strike rate of both bowlers and batsmen.Batsman strike rate is the number of runs a batsman has made per 100 balls of his career and average is the number of runs a batsman has made getting out once i.e. number of runs/number of times a batsman has got out.Strike rate of the bowler is the number of balls a bowler has taken to get a wicket i.e. the number of balls/number of wickets and average of a bowler is the number of runs the bowler has given per wicket i.e. the number of runs/numbers of wickets.

Who is the oldest bowler with the highest average?

the oldest bowler on the pba tour is Walter ray Williams jr. he is older than 50. i don't know about his average but he has the most titles of all time.

How do you calculate activa average?

how we calculate the average of activa

How do you calculate Average selling price?

how to calculate average selling price

Should the base score in bowling be increased if a bowler's average increases to above the base score?


Who is the World's greatest cricket bowler?

Pakistani Bowler Wasim Akram and Australian Bowler Glenn mcgrath is the best bowler in the world ever.

Who is the fastest bowler in history of circket?

The Pakistani Bowler Sohaib Akter is the fastest bowler in the world

What is the birth name of Norman Bowler?

Norman Bowler's birth name is Norman Clifford Bowler.