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If you Google "mild steel density" you find that a value of 7.85 is not uncommon.

If you calculate the volume of steel in your pipe (Google "volume of cylinder") calculate the volume of the OD cylinder and subtract the volume of the ID cylinder and multiply that by the density you get the mass of the pipe multiply that by the gravitational constant (Google "gravitational constant") of your location to get the weight.

Or you could just Google "ms pipe weight calculator" (see the Sources and related links below) find the pipe shape and put in your values, hit "Calculate" and get the answer 34.6889 lbs (which has far too many significant figures (converted to kg by Google as 15.7 kg still with one significant figure too many as two of the original dimensions only had two significant figures)

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Q: How can you calculate the weight of a ms hollow pipe 90mm OD - 1.20 mm thickness - length 6000 mm?
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How do you calculate the length of a plain rolled aluminum sheet with width 1219mm and thickness 0.91mm and weight 376kg?

The answer is 12,553 m.

What is the formula to calculate teflon round bar weight?

AREA*THICKNESS(length)*7.85 pi*r2*t*7.85 - in mm

How do you calculate weight if length width and thikness given of hollow shaft?

You cannot. The mass depends on the material of the shaft and that has not been specified.

Formula to calculate weight of MS pipes per meter length?

Weight of pipe per Meter in Kg for MS Pipes = 3.14 * (Outer diameter of pipe in Mtr. - wall thickness in Mtr. ) * Wall Thickness in Mtr. * 7850

How do you calculate the weight of GI sheet?

It is simple ! = length in meters *width in meters *thickness in mm*density of the material (i.e 8.1 in this case )

How do you calculate the length of the steel coil if PPGL coil's weight is 2.5 ton width is 914mm and thickness 0.47mm what is the length and what is the formula to calculate?

density=mass/volume 7.850=2500kg/(0.47*L*0.914) Ravindra

Weight of polypropylene sheets?

The weight of polypropylene sheets depends on their length, width and thickness.

How do you calculate the length of the steel coil if galvanized steel coil's weight is 2.5 ton width is 125mm and thickness 0.8mm what is the length and what is the formula to calculate?

kg = 6.16546 x width mm x OD2 x bore2 ---- 1000000

How you calculate weight of MS sheet?

specific weight of the sheet * area *thickness = weight of the sheet

How to calculate unit weight of the structural steel?

If it section is a rolled like beam,channel,square,angles&flat. weight=Length x unit weight unit weight of this section is=123kg/m^3 If it is plate or sheet weight=Length x width x thickness x 7.85(sp.gravity of steel)

What is length of 18kg wool yarn?

Your answer depends on the thickness of the wool. A thread-weight length will be longer than a bulky-weight yarn.

How do you calculate weight of 20mm square tube?

weight of ms hollow bar 20mm*20mm