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I assume you mean a standard (15 or 20-amp) outlet and are not trying to make a 220 connection for a stove, dryer or air conditioner. If that's what you want, forget it. You would need to run more and heavier wires and install a different shape of outlet and a different circuit protector. Otherwise, most people just hook up the two wires to the new outlet and ignore the second ground connector. Of course, then they don't have the safety feature of a second ground, and this would be unsafe and possibly illegal.

To do it right, you need to have your electrician run a third wire from the second ground back to the grounding bar in the breaker box, or install GFCI protection.

The National Electrical Code (NEC) 406.3(D)(3) allows this without a third (grounding) wire, but only IF you install a GFCI receptacle to replace the 2-prong receptacle, or install a GFCI circuit breaker for that circuit, and mark the outlets "GFCI Protected" and "No Equipment Ground".

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Q: How can you change a 2-prong outlet to a 3-prong outlet?
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