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you can use a yard stick of a meter stick

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Q: How can you check your height without a measuring tape?
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What tool can you use when measuring your height?

You can use a measuring tape, a ruler, or a yardstick to measure your height.

What is the tool for measuring height?

it is called a measureing tape

What tool is used in measuring height?

This depends on what you are measuring. A tool that can be used is a tape measure.

What tools would you use to find the height of a chimney?

measuring tape

What does tale of the take mean?

It's actually the tale of the tape, it refers to the tale told by the measuring tape, reach, height, etc.

How is the height of a lamp measured?

Just use a tape measure or some other measuring tool.

How do you measure for linear dimensions?

The sum of the width, height, and depth. SV

What measuring tool do you need to measure the distance around a basketball?

A piece of string and a ruler or tape measure.

How you can measure your height?

Things needed - measuring tape and a book Place book on ur head, end of measuring tape on your toe, other end should be touching the book on your head. Now, take the reading appropriately.

How do you check height of basketball rim?

A tape measure and a ladder will do the trick.

What is 11.7 inches on a measuring tape?

where is 11.7 inches on a measuring tape

What should you do to find your height in feet?

Use a measuring tape that can measure in feet and/or inches. If you already know your height in centimeters you can simply divide it by 2.5 for a good estimate of your height in inches.