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Q: How can you compare and contrast compound and mixture using Venn diagram?
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Compare and contrast compounds and mixture?

a substance produced when elements combine and whose properties are different from each of the elements. that's a compound. a mixture is a composition of two or more substances that are not chemically combined with each other and are capable of being separated. a compound is like C6H12O6 or glucose (plant sugar) or H2O and a mixture is like a pizza, with many different compounds.

Compare and contrast solutions and mixtures?

Solutions are homogeneous mixtures where one substance is dissolved in another, forming a single phase with the same properties throughout. Mixtures, on the other hand, can be homogeneous (like solutions) or heterogeneous, where the components remain distinct. Mixtures can have varying compositions, while solutions have a specific solute-solvent ratio.

Is gasoline a mixture or compound or element?

Is gasoline a element a mixture or a compound

Is artificial sweeteners a compound or mixture?


Is water a compound or mixture?

Water is a compound

Is doritos a element compound or mixture?

It is a mixture.

Is driftwood a compound or mixture?

Driftwood is considered a mixture since it is composed of different elements (wood, water, minerals) that are physically combined but not chemically bonded.

Is a concrete a compound element or mixture?


Is newspaper a compound or a mixture?

Newspaper is a mixture. It is made up of various compounds like cellulose fibers and inks that are physically combined but not chemically bonded together.

What kind of substance is sucrose- compound or mixture?

Sucrose is a compound, composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms in a specific ratio. It is made up of glucose and fructose molecules joined together.

Is soap a compound or mixture?

Soap is a compound made up of various molecules such as fatty acids and alkali metals, combined through a chemical reaction called saponification to form soap molecules. So, soap is a compound rather than a mixture.

Is pizza a compound a element or a mixture?

its a heterogeneous mixture