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putting every yard into 36 inches. Or dividing the amount of inches you have by 36

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Q: How can you convert inches into yards?
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Do you multiply or divide to change inches to yards?

1 yard = 36 inches. To convert inches to yards, divide inches by 36. To convert yards to inches, mutlipy yards by 36.

Convert 9.5 yards to inches?

9.5 yards = 342 inches

How do you convert yards into inches?

To convert inches into yards, divide by 36. There are 36 inches in 1 yard, so if you have 36 inches and you wish to convert that to yards, you'll divide the number of inches (36) by 36, which is the conversion factor. And 36/36 = 1, so 36 inches = 1 yard.

How inches are in 25yd?

25 yards is 900 inches (multiply yards by 36 to convert to inches).

How many inches are in five yards?

5 yards = 180 inches FYI: Google "convert 5 yards to inches"

How many yards are in 76 inches?

A yard has 36 inches. To convert from yards to inches, multiply by 36.

How many yards is 171 inches?

Divide by 36 to convert inches into yards = 171/36 yards

How do you convert 84inches to yards?

1 inches = 0.0277777778 yards84 inches = 2.33 yards

How do you convert 288 inches to yards?

There are 36 inches to a yard. That works out to 8 yards.

How many yards is in 182 inches?

To convert inches to yards, just divide by 36.

How convert inches to yards?

There are three feet in a yard, and 12 inches in a foot, so 1 yard = 3 feet = 3*12 inches = 36 inches.To convert yards to inches, multiply by 36. For example, to convert 2 yards to inches, multiply 2 by 36:2 yards = 2*36 inches 72 inches.

How do you convert 31in to yards?

divide 36 inches into 31 inches. Answer is 0.86 yards or 30.96 inches