How can you define infinity?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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Such boundless questions bring only finite remarks. What gets lost once one begins defining infinity? Could you define infinity? What infinite number of definitions could even hope to describe the vast and endless scope of infinity? What words could even wonder what infinite ways will go? Infinity has no place inside definitions that only seek to confine such unlimited abandon, such vastness that goes beyond vast, whose quantity remains hopelessly unquantifiable, whose timelessness remains indifferent to time certain in it's infinite belief that infinity will outlast time. The limitations of language, even mathematical equations, lets us know the sheer audacity of defining infinity. There are not enough words in the English language, nor any other, to give fair representation of infinity. What words could describe infinite ideas in a finite world? What words used to describe the finite could possibly give justice to the infinite? Words, words, words, in their endless pratter and never ending blather could never, ever, ever reach infinity with out infinity allowing words to do so. What infinite effort could ever hope to define infinity? How could anyone even dare? How can you define infinity. why cannt you just say boundless, unlimited, immeasurable, innumarable, not limited by number or person or something like that?

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Q: How can you define infinity?
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Who created infinity?

Infinity was not created as it does not exist as a discrete number but as a mathematical hypothesis to define chaos by mathematicians in antiquity.

How do you define infinity in number?

calculate say you want the answer of 87 calculate 87-65+12=answer it

How is the value of e in mathematics derived?

There are several ways to define it, but the one I like best is the sum from k=0 to infinity of 1/k!

What is infinity is divided by infinity?

1To touch on this whatever you take and divide by the same number will always give you one.2Infinity divided by infinity is not equal to 1, But it is undefined, not another infinity. This would help you:First, I am going to define this axiom (assumption) that infinity divided by infinity is equal to one:∞-∞= 1Since ∞ = ∞ + ∞, then we are going to substitute the first infinity in our axiom:∞ + ∞---∞= 1The next step is to split this fraction into two fractions:∞-∞+ ∞-∞= 1Next, substitute the axiom twice into the equation, we get:1 + 1 = 1Finally, this can be rewritten as:2 = 1Therefore, infinity divided by infinity is NOT equal to one. Instead we can get any real number to equal to one when we assume infinity divided by infinity is equal to one, so infinity divided by infinity is undefined.

What number is more than infinity?

There is no number greater than infinity. Infinity is defined to be greater than any number, so there can not be two numbers, both infinity, that are different.However, when dealing with limits, one can approach a non-infinite value for a function involving infinity. Take, for example, 2x divided by x, when x is infinity. That value is indeterminate, because infinity divided by infinity is defined as indeterminate, and 2 times infinity is still infinity.But, if you look at the limit of 2x divided by x, as x approaches infinity, you do get a value, and that value is 2. This does not mean that 2x when x is infinity is twice infinity, it just means that, right before x becomes infinity, the ratio is right before 2.Infinity should not be thought of as a number, but rather as a direction. Whereas a number represents a specific quantity, infinity does not define given quantity. (If you started counting really fast for billions of years, you would never get to infinity.) There are, however, different "sizes of infinity." Aleph-null, for example, is the infinity that describes the size of the natural numbers (0,1,2,3,4....) The infinity that describes the size of the real numbers is much larger than aleph-null, for between any two natural numbers, there are infinite real numbers.Anyway, to improve upon the answer above, it is not meaningful to say "when x is infinity," because, as explained above, no number can "be" infinity. A number can approach infinity, that is to say, get larger and larger and larger, but it will never get there. Because infinity is not a number, there is no point in asking what number is more than infinity.

What is infinity plus infinity?


What is the answer of infinity divided by infinity?

1 one infinity divided by infinity

What is infinity raised to the power infinity?


What is negative infinity plus negative infinity?

Negative infinity plus negative infinity equals negative infinity.

If an infinity of time existed before your birth and an infinity of time will exist after your death is that twice as much infinity?

No, infinity is not measurable, so infinity plus infinity is just the same as infinity.

How many 0 are in ifinity?

If the question meant infinity, the answer is none. Infinity is not a number.If the question meant infinity, the answer is none. Infinity is not a number.If the question meant infinity, the answer is none. Infinity is not a number.If the question meant infinity, the answer is none. Infinity is not a number.

What is infinity plus in infinity?

Infinity plus infinity is without beginning nor ending