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Using X and Y co-ordinates.

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Q: How can you describe the position of an object in two dimensions?
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Why do you need to discuss two locations to describe the position of an object?

It is important to discuss two locations to describe the position of an object. The two locations helps us to best discuss the object.

If an object has two dimensions what are the dimensions called?

Length and breath or length and width.

How can grow to become three dimensional object is a line segment?

Two dimensions object

To describe a geometric solid it suffices to have two dimensions?


What are the two classifications of dimensions?

The two classifications of dimensions are Size Dimensions, and Location Dimensions. Size Dimensions are placed in direct relationship to a feature to identify the specific size. Location Dimensions are used to identify the relationship of a feature to another feature in an object.

Two physical quantities used to describe the motion of an object?

Some of the more basic measurements of an object we can take are time and position (or distance). From these values we can calculate things (like speed and direction) that we use to describe its motion.

To describe a solid in geometry it suffices to have two dimensions.?

The statement is FALSE.

Can the displacement vector for an object moving in two dimensions ever be longer than the length?


What is an object that extends in two dimensions and looks like the shape of a tabletop?

A rectangle.

How are area and volume alike?

Area is the measurement of the two-dimensional size of an object, and volume is the measurement of the size of an object in three dimensions.

What two things should you describe about a force that acts on an object?

the 2 things you should describe about a force that acts on an object is the size and direction

What are two-dimensional objects?

A two-dimensional object is an object that can be drawn on a flat sheet of paper. It's called "two-dimensional" because it has 2 dimensions . . . length and width, but no height.