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You can't, temperature is the average kenetic energy of the molecules and in space, there simply are too few or none to measure.

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Q: How can you determine the temperature of an object in space?
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You determine that the amount of space an object takes up is 100 cm what does this measure?


What are the Factors that determine resistance value of electrical material?

The factors that determine the resistance value of an electrical material are its length, cross-sectional area, temperature, and resistivity. A longer material will have higher resistance, while a larger cross-sectional area will result in lower resistance. The resistance of a material also changes with temperature, with most materials increasing in resistance as temperature rises. Finally, resistivity is an intrinsic property of the material that determines how strongly it resists the flow of electricity.

How do you determine the specific heat capacity of an object by method of cooling?

To determine the specific heat capacity of an object by the cooling method, you would first heat the object to a known temperature and then immerse it in a known volume of water at a lower temperature. By monitoring the temperature change of the water and the object over time, you can calculate the specific heat capacity of the object using the formula q = mcΔT.

How do you find out the mass of an object?

On Earth, you weigh it. In space you must determine its inertia ... usually done by noting its orbit around another object.

When do you need to know volume?

Volume is used to determine how much space a given object or fluid will require.

What is a bearing does in a radar?

It is the direction the radar is facing. It allows the radar to determine where the object is located in 2D or 3D space.

Name the 2 parameters which determine the physical state matter?

The two parameters that determine the physical state of matter are temperature and pressure. These parameters influence the arrangement and movement of molecules, affecting whether the matter is in solid, liquid, or gas form.

What are two factors that determine an object's thermal energy?

An objects temperature and the number of particles

How do you if an object is receiving more heat then it is passing on receiving less heat than it is passing on or receiving and passing on the same amount?

You can determine if an object is receiving more heat than it is passing on by monitoring its temperature increase. If the object's temperature is rising, it is receiving more heat than it is passing on. If the object's temperature is dropping, it is passing on more heat than it is receiving. If the object's temperature remains constant, it is receiving and passing on heat at the same rate.

In addition to the size an object in space appears which can be deceiving what other characteristic do scientists use to determine astronomic distances?

Scientists use the brightness of the object to determine its distance in space. By measuring how bright an object appears from Earth and comparing it to its actual brightness, they can calculate its distance based on the inverse square law of light.

What metric system is used to determine the amount of space an object takes up?

That would be volume, which is measured in Liters (L).

How do you measure an egress window to determine the maximum size of an object that can pass through the egress window?

the unrestricted open space