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Use a ruler marked with tenths of an inch. One and eight-tenths per part.

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Q: How can you divide 9 inches into 5 equal parts?
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Divide 3 into 5 equal parts?

Divide 3 inches in 5 equal parts

How do you divide 31 inches in 5 equal parts?

Make each part exactly 3.2 inches long.

How do i divide a 5.5 inch page into 3 equal columns what fraction do i use?

5.5 inches is 5 and 1/2 inches = 11/2 inches and you want to divide this into three equal parts. Divide 11/2 by 3 which is 11/6 = 1 and 5/6. So mark off a 1and 5/6 inches column from the leftedge of the page, then mark off another 1 and 5/6 inches column from the first one youmarked previouslyand you will end up with three equal columns

How do you divide a 6by4 rectangle in to 5 equal parts?

You divide it into parts of 1.2by4

How do you divide a rectangle by 5 equal parts?

Select any one side and divide its length into 5 equal parts. Draw lines that are parallel to the adjacent side to the opposite side. This will divide the rectangle into 5 equal strips.

How do you divide a square into 5 equal parts?

Select any one side. Divide its length into 5 equal parts. Do the same to the opposite side. Join the corresponding divisions. You will then have 5 equal rectangular divisions of the square.

How do you divide 12.5 into 5 equal parts?

12.5 ÷ 5 = 2.5

How Can you Divide 105 Into 5 Equal Parts?

Try 105/5 = 21

How can we divide a line segment into 5 equal parts?


How do you split 4 inches into 5 equal parts?

By division and so 4/5 = 0.8 inches

What is the answer if you divide a meter into 5 equal parts?

5*20 cm = 1 meter

Are there ways to divide a circle into 5 equal parts using a tape measure?


How do you draw a square with 5 equal parts?

Divide the square into five strips.

How do you show two fifths of a rectangle?

divide the rectangle into 5 equal parts. Shade two of those parts.

How do you divide 4 fifths in 3 equal parts?

(4/5) / 3 = 4/15

How do you divide a circle in to 5 equal parts?

The number of degrees in one complete revolution of a radius is 360°. Therefore the number of degrees covered in 1/5 of a revolution is 72° . To divide a circle into 5 equal parts create 5 sectors each measuring 72° at the centre of the circle.

How do you geometrically divide a rectangle into 5 equal parts?

Divide the longer edge (or shorter one, for that matter) by 5, mark the 4 spots along the edge going by the answer of your division, and there you have it.

What are the 10 ways to divide a square into 2 equal parts?


How do you divide 5 inches in thirds?

5/3 inches or 1.66... inches

What is 5 eighth's of an inch?

If you divide one inch into 8 equal parts then 5/8 of an inch is the length of 5 of those parts added together, that is 0.625 of an inch, or 15.875 millimeters.

What is 5 inches of a foot?

If what you want is to divide inches to feet, divide by 12.

How do you divide rectangle into 4 equal parts in 5 different ways?

In complete sentnces, explain why you can cut the rectangles into different shapes and still have four equal parts.

How do divide 1 yard 4 inches by 5 answer it in inches?

40 inches divided by 5 is 8 inches.

How many centimeters equal 5 feet 6 inches?

5 foot 6 is equal to 67.2 inches. 67.2 / 12 inches = 67.2 66 inches is 5 foot 5 inches .

5 feet is equal to how many inches?

1 feet is equal to 12 inches. So, 5 feet is equal to 60 inches.