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There must be something missing from the question. As it stands, what's the big deal ?

The wall of a room intersects four other planes . . . two walls, the floor, and the ceiling.

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Q: How can you draw a plane that intersects two planes?
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How do you draw a line that intersects two nonintersecting planes?

If the planes are non-intersecting, then they're parallel. Any line that intersects one of them intersects both of them.

Anyone have a picture of a plane that intersects two planes?

Think of a cuboid. Then picture the plane formed by one of its sides, intersecting the two planes formed by the top and bottom. Why don't you just google it

Can two planes intersect a third plane without intersecting each other?

Yes. Provided the first two planes are parallel, the third plane can be arranged so that it intersects both of the others.

A line that intersects two or more lines on a plane is a?

a line that intersects two or more lines on a plane is a

Do two planes intersects?

two planes intersect in one line, or the planes could be parallel. by the way there is no such thing as skew planes...

Can two different planes intersect a line?

Yes, there are three ways that two different planes can intersect a line: 1) Both planes intersect each other, and their intersection forms the line in the system. This system's solution will be infinite and be the line. 2) Both planes intersect the line at two different points. This system is inconsistent, and there is no solution to this system. However, both planes will still be intersecting the same line, albeit at different locations on the line. 3) Both planes intersect each other, but their intersection does NOT form the line in the system. However, if the line in the system intersects the planes' intersection, then they will all intersect a single point. The solution will be finite and be a single point. There are also 3 ways two different planes WON'T both intersect a line. 1) The two planes and the line are all parallel to each other, and none of them intersect each other. 2) The line is parallel to one plane, but intersects the other plane. 3) The same as #2, but now the line is parallel to the other plane and intersects the one plane.

If two lines intersects then there are that contains them?

There is a plane that contains them.

What is a line in the plane of a circle that intersects the circle at two points?


If two planes intersect do they intersect in exactly one plane?

No, two planes do not intersect in exactly one plane unless the planes are exactly overlapping, making one plane. In Euclidean Geometry two planes intersect in exactly one line.

How do you draw two rays that are not parallel to each other and never intersects?

that is impossible. if they aren't parrallel, and they're rays they have to intersect at some point. This is because rays spread at both ends. The above answer is only correct if the rays on drawn on the same plane or if they are drawn on convergent (intersecting) planes, so the correct answer is the two rays must be drawn on separate planes that are not convergent, since all non-parallel lines on the same plane, or on convergent planes, will eventually intersect. If they are drawn in 3 dimensions than you can avoid them intersecting. Perhaps the questions is not specific enough?

What cross sections might you see when a plane intersects a cone that you would not see when a plane intersects a pyramid or a prism?

Two concentric circles sharing the same center.

If a right circular cone intersects a plane that runs parallel to the edge of the cone the resulting curve is?

The "conic section" that is produced when a right circular cone intersects a plane that runs parallel to the edge of the cone is a parabola. In the case where the plane also intersects the vertex of the cone, the parabola becomes two intersecting lines.