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You cannot.

The tree diagram for tossing 4 coins has 16 branches. So if that is done 96 times, you will have a tree with 1696 branches which is approx 4 trillion googol branches.

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Q: How can you draw a tree diagram to show the results of tossing 4 coins a total of 96 times?
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Is tossing 1 coin 100 times the same as tossing 100 coins 1 time?

Depends on if you are talking about probability. If so then yes. If not then 100 coins is more than 1 coin.

How many leaves on a tree diagram are needed to represent all possible combinations tossing a coin 4 times?

Answer is 16 on apex. Trust me

What is the probability of tossing heads then heads and then tails when tossing a coin 3 times?

3 out of 6

If you toss 2 coins simultaneously 400 times would you expect the deviation to be greate or less than it was in tossing them 40 times?

Less. The more times the coin is tossed, the more likely it will reflect the actual odds of .5 heads and .5 tails.

What is the sample space of tossing a coin 2 times?

The sample space for tossing a coin twice is [HH, HT, TH, TT].

What is the probability of tossing heads 3 out of 5 times?


What is the probability tossing a fair coin n times?

The probability will b 0.5. since a coin tossed n times has 2n no. of desired results, among which only half that is n times it can b tail. Hence P = n/2n i.e 0.5.

What is the sample space for flipping a coin 3 times?

The sample space when tossing a coin three times is [HHH, HHT, HTH, HTT, THH, THT, TTH, TTT]It does not matter if you toss one coin three times or three coins one time. The outcome is the same.

What is the probability of tossing a coin 5 times and getting all tails?

The probability of tossing a coin 5 times and getting all tails is:P(TTTTT) = (1/2)5 = 0.03125 ≈ 3.13%

Probability of tossing a coin 8 times?

One hundred percent it you toss the coin eight times.

If you toss three coins 240 times how many times can you expect the coins to have three tails showing?

If we toss three coins 240 times, how many times can we expect the coins to have three tails showing?

Is tossing a coin 10 time empirocal or theoretical proability?

Tossing a coin ten times is a [repeated] experiment or trial. It is neither empirical nor theoretical probability.

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